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42. The adolescent growth spurt begins and puberty occurs approximately

Resolved Question:

42. The adolescent growth spurt begins and puberty occurs approximately ____ in females than in males.
a. two years earlier
b. one year earlier
c. one year later
d. two years later

____ 43. Jordon has taken a job that is extremely dangerous, but which pays him enough so that he is sure he will have enough to eat and he will be able to sleep in a warm place each night. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Jordon is probably primarily motivated by
a. safety and security needs.
b. cognitive needs.
c. the need for self-actualization.
d. physiological needs.

____ 44. Fred was the highest paid news anchor in prime time television. He had been with the same national network for 20 years. His coworkers couldn't believe it when Fred cleared out his office one day and announced he was going to become a volunteer with an international relief agency. He explained: "I feel I need to make a fundamental change in my life if I am going to continue to grow as a person." Fred's actions are consistent with
a. Bandura's concept of reciprocal determinism
b. Adler's concept of overcompensation
c. Rogers' concept of incongruence
d. Maslow's concept of self-actualizing individuals

____ 45. According to Hans Eysenck, personality is largely
a. inherited.
b. a function of unconscious forces.
c. shaped by sexual conflicts.
d. determined by external forces.

____ 46. According to Hans Eysenck, people who condition easily are likely to become
a. neurotic.
b. psychotic.
c. extraverted.
d. introverted.

____ 47. Terror management theory suggests that self-esteem serves a terror management function by reducing
a. awareness of the inevitability of their death.
b. mortality salience.
c. anxiety.
d. cultural worldviews.

____ 48. Research suggests that Asian children tend to define themselves in terms of
a. the groups they belong to.
b. their personal accomplishments.
c. the accomplishments of their parents.
d. their relationships with their teachers.

____ 49. The idea that a person's unconscious needs will determine how he or she perceives relatively unstructured stimuli is the basis for
a. personality trait tests.
b. the MMPI.
c. the TAT.
d. personal trait checklist.

____ 50. Personality traits are characterized by:
a. consistency and distinctiveness
b. charm and wit
c. change as a function of the situation
d. lack of individual differences
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