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19. Research on rape has found that approximately 1 out of

Resolved Question:

19. Research on rape has found that approximately 1 out of ____ women have reported that they have been victimized by date rape or an attempted date rape.
a. 20
b. 10
c. 7
d. 33

____ 20. A person's preference for emotional and sexual relationships with individuals of the same, the other, or either sex describes the person's
a. sexuality.
b. gender preference.
c. gender orientation.
d. sexual orientation.

____ 21. Research by Bailey and Pillard in 1991 showed that
a. in some cases, female homosexuality has been linked to prenatal exposure to abnormally high levels of androgens.
b. there are anatomical differences in the brain between homosexual and heterosexual men.
c. homosexuality is a learned preference acquired when same-sex stimuli have been paired with sexual arousal.
d. identical twins of homosexual men are more likely to be homosexual than are fraternal twins of homosexual men.

____ 22. Stefan is an individual who has a high need for achievement. His boss has three jobs that need to be completed; one job is easy, one job is moderately difficult, and one job is extremely difficult. If Stefan is allowed to choose which of the three jobs he will undertake for his boss, you would expect that Stefan will
a. maximize the task difficulty by selecting the hardest job.
b. choose the easy job, to maximize his chance for success.
c. choose the moderately difficult job.
d. ask his boss to make the choice, to avoid a potentially negative evaluation.

____ 23. Boris has a high need for achievement, and he is currently enrolled in a philosophy course that is required for his major. The professor who teaches the course gives extremely difficult exams, and has never been known to give a student a grade higher than a B. Under these conditions, it is likely that Boris
a. will not exert his maximum effort in the course because the course has a low incentive value for him.
b. will exert the maximum effort he can because he has a high need for achievement.
c. will not exert his maximum effort in the course because he has a low expectation of success.
d. will drop the course and switch to a different major.

____ 24. Which of the following is NOT one of the three components of emotion?
a. behavioral
b. cognitive
c. perceptual
d. physiological
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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