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Educational Implications of Socioeconomic Status Matrix Directions:

Customer Question

<p>can i get this assignment back tonight before 11:59 so that i can sumit it</p><p>Educational Implications of Socioeconomic Status Matrix Directions: Based on your personal experiences and on the readings for this course, answer the questions in the green section of the matrix as they apply to each of the listed socioeconomic classes. Fill in your answers and post your final draft as an attachment to your Individual forum. Socioeconomic Classes Questions Unemployed and Homeless Working Class Middle Class Upper Middle Class Upper Class Who is most likely to be a part of this socioeconomic class? How do teacher expectations positively or negatively impact this socioeconomic class? How does tracking positively or negatively impact this socioeconomic class? How is financial support for schools serving this class different from or similar to from the other socioeconomic classes? How well does the curriculum reflect this socioeconomic class’s experience? Explain your answer. What changes need to be made to the curriculum for this socioeconomic class to receive an equal educational opportunity? 350- to 500-word Summary:</p>
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework