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7.The Federalist Papers, authored by , urged for judicial

Resolved Question:

7.The Federalist Papers, authored by ?, urged for judicial review:A)Jefferson and MadisonB)Hamilton and MadisonC)Franklin and JeffersonD)Marbury and Thompson
8.The following refers to the principle that there are two distinct spheres of government a national and state sphere:A)Shared federalismB)Permissive federalismC)Marble cake federalismD)Dual federalism9.Which of the following is true about “New Federalism”?A)Is supported by many state governors and Congressional conservatiesB)Is well reflected in the 1995 Welfare Reform legislationC)Places a great emphasis on the states in terms of funding and running programsD)All of the above10.Which of the following party is most closely described as one that believes in complete individual liberty without government control?A)RepublicanB)LibertarianC)DemocratD)Green12.The single largest ethnic minority group in America is comprised of:A)Native AmericansB)HispanicsC)African AmericansD)Asians
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Academic Tutor replied 7 years ago.

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