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1.In a democracy, gov is only one part of the social fabric

Resolved Question:

1.In a democracy, gov is only one part of the social fabric of the country. Political parties, associations, and organizations also contribute to the landscape. This ideal is referred to as:A)PluralismB)RepresentationC)Shared PowersD)Dualism2.The rights which we are supposed to have as human beings before government comes into being are known as:A)Essential rightsB)Ten CommandementsC)Natural RightsD)Declared Rights
3.The idea that all “sides” in a democracy share a commitment to basic values is known as:A)Political ideologyB)Specific differencesC)Basic rightsD)Loyal opposition4.The portion on the Constitution that basically explains the “why” of its existence is the:A)Bill of RightsB)Section 10C)PreambleD)Article 5 5.The Constitution may be amended, as explained in this portion of the document:A)Article 5B)PreambleC)Article 3D)Section 3 6.The Courts power of judicial review was first confirmed in:A)Connecticut v LyonsB)McCulloch v MarshallC)Brown v Board of EducationD)Marbury v Madiso
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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