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1. People are capable of self-organising. But we are afraid

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1. People are capable of self-organising. But we are afraid to let go. "Discuss the validity, implications and applications of the statement."

2. The complex adaptivity of an organisation depends on the connectivity of its sources of intelligence. What are the implications and applications of such statement in school leadership.
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People are capable of self-organizing. But we are afraid to let go. Determine if you have some self-starters in your faculty. Every plant has some, so this statement is valid. If we let them go, we may feel like we lose control. To put is simply but disrespectfully, XXXXX XXXXX under our leadership has their own length of leash based on their ability to self-organize. This is the application. The implication is that you never let anyone completely run free. People do what you inspect, not what you expect.

The complex adaptivity of an organization depends on the connectivity of its sources of intelligence. The implication here is that you need a huge resource center of your own. In order to deal with the various human elements involved in the school staff as well as the student body, you must have a big library of information and mentorships to pull from in order for the school to grow. The application is that often principals and CAOs go it alone; based only on their own knowledge and experience. The leader is always a reader. You must not let your staff overtake you. They must grow because they answer to you, but if you only answer to a board then you must grow as if you had a single boss just like them.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry for the late reply. Answer Q1. I don't understand the statement Every plant has some.

As well the Answer Q2. The leader is always a reader.

Is it possible for you to write to me in a simple way about the above statement?

Looking forward to your reply.

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