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33. When a researcher only reinforces a designated response

Resolved Question:

33. When a researcher only reinforces a designated response some of the time, it is referred to as
a. primary reinforcement.
b. secondary reinforcement.
c. continuous reinforcement.
d. intermittent reinforcement.

____ 34. When Skyler was first training his dog, Smooches, to heel he would give Smooches a treat when she stayed close during walks. Now Smooches stays right by Skyler's side, even when she is not on her leash. In this case,
a. the dog treats were negative reinforcers for staying close.
b. the staying close was a positive reinforcer for receiving dog treats.
c. the staying close was a negative reinforcer for receiving dog treats.
d. the dog treats were positive reinforcers for staying close.

____ 35. Following a rape, the victim had no memory of the rape, but became very anxious if approached by a man. According to Freud's view of memory, this would be an example of
a. repression.
b. anterograde amnesia.
c. proactive interference.
d. Korsakoff's syndrome.

____ 36. If you suffer from an inability to recall old memories as a result of brain trauma, you have a case of
a. anterograde amnesia.
b. retrograde amnesia.
c. Korsakov's syndrome.
d. limbic system inversion.

____ 37. The gradual conversion of information into durable long-term memory codes is called
a. long-term potentiation.
b. postsynaptic conversion.
c. elaboration.
d. consolidation.

____ 38. The memory system that contains words, definitions, events, and ideas is the
a. episodic memory system.
b. declarative memory system.
c. procedural memory system.
d. assimilative memory system.

____ 39. Which memory system is characterized by both it requires little effort or attention to recall a memory and memories do not decline much over long retention intervals?
a. declarative memory
b. episodic memory
c. procedural memory
d. semantic memory

____ 40. Ruben and Maya are describing their recent trip to Brazil. They describe all the interesting things they did while they were there, and all the interesting people that they met. In describing their trip, Ruben and Maya are largely relying on their
a. semantic memory.
b. procedural memory.
c. episodic memory.
d. prospective memory.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 7 years ago.

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