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27. Kylee used to bring drawings home from her kindergarten

Resolved Question:

27. Kylee used to bring drawings home from her kindergarten class every day, and her parents would put the pictures on the refrigerator and tell Kylee how nice the pictures were. Lately, her parents haven't been putting her artwork on the refrigerator, and now Kylee has stopped bringing drawings home with her. This example illustrates the operant conditioning process of
a. punishment.
b. avoidance.
c. resistance.
d. extinction.

____ 28. Operant responses are typically established through a gradual process in which closer and closer approximations of the desired response are reinforced. This process is called
a. modeling.
b. shaping.
c. discrimination.
d. learning.

____ 29. After owning a car with a manual transmission, Don buys a car with an automatic transmission. When first driving his new car, he keeps reaching for the nonexistent clutch and gearshift. This is an example of
a. acquisition.
b. stimulus generalization.
c. stimulus discrimination.
d. shaping.

____ 30. Relative to extinction following continuous reinforcement, extinction following intermittent reinforcement
a. proceeds more slowly.
b. proceeds more rapidly.
c. occurs at the same rate.
d. is longer lasting.

____ 31. In a variable-ratio schedule, the reinforcer is given
a. after a fixed number of nonreinforced responses.
b. after a variable number of nonreinforced responses.
c. for the first response that occurs after a fixed amount of time has elapsed.
d. for the first response that occurs after a variable amount of time has elapsed.

____ 32. Your employer gives merit wage increases at the same time each year. This is an example of which schedule of reinforcement?
a. fixed-ratio schedules
b. variable-ratio schedules
c. fixed-interval schedules
d. variable-interval schedules
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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