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There in 20 questions in total,but It cant all fit in here,so

Resolved Question:

There in 20 questions in total,but It cant all fit in here,so you ll have to request for the remaining ones.
1. _______ software manages word processing files and allows
users to save, index, and quickly retrieve files.
A. Document management C. Case management
B. Docket control D. Database
2. You've been asked to manage the lawyer's court appearances,
filing dates, trials, and other deadlines. What type of software
would you use?
A. Time and billing
B. Trial presentation
C. Docket control
D. Knowledge management
3. The most important thing to consider when planning to purchase new software is
A. whether the price fits into your budget.
B. whether there's a money back guarantee.
C. whether it's the most popular program on the market.
D. whether it will work with your computer's operating system.
4. The lawyers have asked you to search in the database for accidents that resulted in damage
awards. What would you type into the search engine?
A. Damages and accident C. Damages not accident
B. Accident or damages D. Accident damages
5. All of the following are computer input devices except for the
A. keyboard. C. CD-ROM.
B. mouse. D. scanner.
6. You’re assigned the task of writing pleadings and briefs for filing in court. Many of these
documents contain similar language. What word processor function would you use to make
your work more efficient?
A. Merge C. Templates
B. Macros D. Redlining
7. Your lawyer needs a software program to help her organize and assemble electronic evidence
for an upcoming trial. What type of software would you recommend?
A. Case management C. Trial presentation
B. Database D. Knowledge management
8. For which one of the following would fixed rates not be appropriate?
A.Personal injury cases C.Uncontested divorces
B.Real estate sales D.Will drafting
9. You spent 47 minutes drafting a pleading to be filed with the court.Your firm bills clients
$75/hour for paralegal work. How much will the client be billed for your time?
A. $67.50 C. $56.25
B. $60.00 D. $53.20
10. You check the monthly summary report of billable hours against your own records, and
find a discrepancy. What should you do?
A. Go ahead and send a billing adjustment to the client—you don’t want to be caught
B. Call the client and explain what happened, hoping he’ll do the right thing and send the
extra money.
C. Pad your reported hours for that client the following month, to make up for the shortfall.
D. Tell your supervising lawyer and the accounting department, and let them decide what
to do.
11. You’ve been asked to prepare a management report that summarizes the law firm’s assets
and liabilities.What type of report would you prepare?
A. Accounts payable report C. Accounts receivable report
B. Income statement D. Balance sheet
12. You’re conducting legal research. However, the book you need is checked out of the library,
and the client hasn’t authorized any online legal research charges. As an efficient legal
researcher, what’s your next step?
A. Use CD-ROM libraries
B. Use the demo databases on Westlaw or Lexis-Nexis
C. Wait until you can get authorization to go online
D. Try to order the book through interlibrary loan
13. You’re working as a litigation paralegal, and are calculating the damages in a plaintiff’s personal
injury case.What software would you use to complete this task?
A. Presentation C. Spreadsheet
B. Summation D. Case management
14. What are some of the benefits of using presentation and graphics software?
A. The trial team can avoid taking center stage in the courtroom.
B. Jurors remember more of the evidence.
C. The judge will rule in favor of the lawyer with the most sophisticated presentation.
D. It shortens the length of the trial.
15. You’re working on a case with approximately 50 citations, and need to create a list from
which to check that all the cases cited are still current. How would you accomplish this task
using the word processor?
A. Use the mail merge feature
B. Use the spelling checker
C. Use the sort feature to retrieve relevant information
D. Use the scan feature to extract the case names
16. Your law firm has three databases—one for witness statements, one for scanned documents,
and one for client information.You’re able to search through these databases and
pull up the documents and witness statements relevant to the client by using just one
search. The type of database you’re using is a(n)
A. relational database. C. online database.
B. flat-file database. D. full-text database.
17. For which of the following tasks would using a spreadsheet what-if scenario be most
A. Estate planning
B. Child-support calculations
C. Calculating litigation damages
D. Preparing real estate closing documents
18. You need to search the client database for documents that were created during and after
the client’s corporation went bankrupt in June 1998. What would you enter in the query to
search for these documents?
A. =6/1/1998 C. <>6/1/1998
B. <=6/1/1998 D. >=6/1/1998
19. When using Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis, or another paid online legal database, what’s the best
way to begin your research session?
A. Conduct a broad keyword search to bring up as many results as possible, then start
narrowing down your search.
B. Sign on to the service, then try different search requests until you find one that fits your
C. Write out your search request ahead of time, then sign on to the service, do the
search, and log off when you’ve obtained the results you wanted.
D. Get all the information you need on the database, and don’t waste time looking on
other sites for free information—there isn’t much available that’s free anyway.
20. For which of the following purposes would presentation software be best suited?
A. Figuring out child custody and support arrangements
B. Reenacting an accident and illustrating the plaintiff’s injuries
C. Keeping track of the documents related to the litigation
D. Electronically filing pleadings and depositions with the court
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Expert:  M Hasan replied 7 years ago.

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most of the answers were wrong,6 of them were wrong