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13.1 of the tasks that managers at A Co. have to complete during

Resolved Question:

13.1 of the tasks that managers at A Co. have to complete during the budgeting process is to develop a contingency plan for their org. in case a downturn occurs in their business. This budgeting requirement is an example of:A)budget coordinationB) performance measurementC)planningD)taking corrective action14.Select the correct statement regarding general, selling, and administrative (GS&A) costs.A)Variable general, selling, and administrative costs can not have usage variancesB)Variable general, selling, and administrative costs can have price variancesC)Cost variances are not generally computed for fixed general, selling, and administrative costsD)All of the above are correct16.Sometimes employees will deliberately overstate the amount of materials and/or labor that should be required to complete a job. The difference between inflated and realistic standards is known as:A)lowballingB)budget slack C)cooking the books D) making the numbers.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Neo replied 7 years ago.

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