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1) According to your text, the most common process metric is

Resolved Question:

1) According to your text, the most common process metric is:
A. Productivity
B. Efficiency
C. Throughput time
D. Utilization

2) The average time between completion of units is commonly known as:
A. Throughput time
B. Operation time
C. Run time
D. Cycle time

3) Which of the following is true about make-to-stock processes?
A. Make-to-stock processes can be controlled based on the actual or anticipated amount of finished goods
B. Make-to-stock process is used when demand is seasonal and the firm does not have enough
C. Services by their very nature often use make-to-stock processes.
D. A and B

4) The type of processing structure that is used to produce gasoline, chemicals, and steel is:
A. Job Shop
B. Batch
C. Continuous Flow
D. Assembly Line

5) According to Hayes and Wheelwright, which of the following is not a major process flow structure?
A. Job Shop
B. Batch
C. Project
D. Assembly Line
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  M Hasan replied 7 years ago.

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