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Finance definitions matching

Resolved Question:

Match the following letter terms with the definitions below:

a. aging of accounts receivable

b. average collection period

c. carrying cost

d. commercial paper

e. credit terms

f. electronic funds transfer

g. economic ordering quantity

h. money market account

i. passbook savings account

j. safety stock

k. Just In Time (JIT)

l. cash flow cycle

m. 5 C's of credit

n. money market fund


1. _____ Allows the firm to minimize the total ordering and carrying costs associated with inventory.

2. _____ A system in which funds are moved between banks and other participating corporations by use of the computer.

3. _____ An unsecured promissory note issued by large corporations to investors.

4. _____ Analyzing accounts based on the amount of time they have been on the books.

5. _____ These assets reduce the risk of losing business to competitors because of low inventory levels.

6. _____ The repayment provisions associated with a credit arrangement.

7. _____ The cost of holding an asset.

8. _____ The amount of time that a normal account receivable remains on our books.

9. _____ Because it pays the lowest interest rate at a bank, this is an unattractive investment for most investors.

10. _____ Due to federal deregulation, commercial banks, savings and loans, and credit unions now are allowed to offer these investment opportunities modeled from money market funds.

11. _____ The various factors that influence a company's ability to borrow money.

12. _____ A lean total production concept that produces quality products that minimize the level of inventory by maintaining close ties with suppliers and distributors.

13. _____ A process of generating cash which, although it remains continuous, is subjected to fluctuation in levels.

14. _____ Investing opportunity which allows small investors to place funds into short-term securities which they may not be able to buy directly because of the high funds required.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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