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Managerial Economics - Samuelson Chapter 5 - Production - Q4 In

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Managerial Economics - Samuelson Chapter 5 - Production - Q4

In November 1990, Chrysler Corporation announced plans to initiate three-shift or nearly continuous (21-hours-per-day) production at a number of its plants. Explain why Chrysler's decision might have been prompted by movements in the wage costs or capital costs, or both.

Why would Chrysler have instituted this production change for its most popular (and profitable) vehicles, its minivans and Jeep Cherokee? What risks might such a plan pose?


How long does this response have to be and when do you need it by?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
By this Sat - 6th
and how long?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry Stephen...

The chapter is about Production and this is one of two quesitons.....I send in about 1/4 page.

Ok thanks. I will send something over tomorrow.

Okay no problem. When do you need it by?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This assignment is due this Sat.

Sorry, you already told me that. I meant to respond to a different post. Will get it to you later today.
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Are you satisfied with the report?



Please let me know if anything in the report needs to be changed or if you are satisfied.



Hey thanks for the accept and bonus! Much appreciated!


The next time you have something to post, please feel free to specifically request me when you post the question (there is an option to do this during the posting process), or, you can send me a message through this thread. Either way I will get a message to my blackberry and can generally respond pretty quick.


Thanks again!