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1. A channel of distribution is defined as a group of individuals

Customer Question

1. A channel of distribution is defined as a group of individuals and organizations that (Points: 3)
a. consumes about one-half of every dollar spent on products in the United States.
b. directs the flow of products from producers to customers.
c. links producers to other marketing intermediaries.
d. takes title to products and resells them.
e. manages transportation and warehousing functions.

2. All members of the supply chain should determine their position in the chain, identify their partners and their roles, and establish partnerships whose focus is (Points: 3)
a. shifting costs to suppliers.
b. maximizing costs.
c. maximizing technology implementation.
d. cooperation with competitors.
e. customer relationships.

3. Wal-Mart is working with its suppliers, using tools such as electronic billing, purchase order verification, and bar code technology, to integrate data used to improve overall performance. This is an example of (Points: 3)
a. supply chain management.
b. a vertical marketing system.
c. a horizontal marketing system.
d. channel conflict.
e. dual distribution.

4. When Sally buys Clorox bleach for her home using a channel with only one intermediary, that intermediary is classified as a (Points: 3)
a. retailer.
b. wholesaler.
c. broker.
d. functional middleman.
e. producer.

5. The marketing channel of producer to retailer to consumer is most likely to be used by producers of which of the following products? (Points: 3)
a. Chewing gum
b. Tobacco
c. Automobiles
d. Hardware
e. Saltine crackers

6. Nike maintains a good deal of control over how its products are promoted, displayed, and sold. Because of this control, Nike would be appropriately described as the channel (Points: 3)
a. intermediary.
b. captain.
c. allocator.
d. terminator.
e. price leader.

7. When Benetton, the sportswear designer and manufacturer, decided to open its own specialty shops to sell its merchandise, the firm was engaging in (Points: 3)
a. channel repetition.
b. vertical channel integration.
c. channel conflict.
d. horizontal channel integration.
e. channel expansion.

8. When Busch Light Beer was introduced as part of the Anheuser- Busch product line, the company most likely used ___________ distribution. (Points: 3)
a. horizontal
b. intensive
c. selective
d. agent
e. exclusive

9. Honey Farms is a maker of fine chocolates. The company?s latest product, Fudge-Dipped Strawberries, is the premier product in its Fudge-Dipped line. The product is very expensive and targeted to upscale consumers. Which form of distribution would Honey Farms be likely to use for its new product? (Points: 3)
a. Intensive
b. Selective
c. Targeted
d. Exclusive
e. Premier

10. Magnetic Springs wants to ship its bottled water with the most flexible schedules and routes of all transportation modes. Magnetic Springs should use ___________ as its transportation mode. (Points: 3)
a. railroads
b. waterways
c. pipelines
d. trucks
e. airways

11. In the Sunday paper, Chelsea sees a flyer for a collector?s edition Thomas Kinkade plate that is available to purchase by filling out and mailing in a form or by calling a 1-800 number. This is an example of (Points: 3)
a. telemarketing.
b. direct-response marketing.
c. television home shopping.
d. direct selling.
e. catalog marketing.

12. Communication can be viewed as a circular process because (Points: 3)
a. during feedback, the receiver can be viewed as the source of the message and the original source becomes the receiver.
b. the message goes from encoding by the source to decoding by the receiver.
c. during a personal selling situation, both verbal and nonverbal feedback can be very fast and immediate.
d. channel capacity is determined by the least efficient component.
e. the message goes from person to person.

13. Lucy receives an e-mail from her sister-in-law that is actually a recommendation for a website with a demonstration of a new home hair-coloring system. She later discovers that her sister-in-law received a free trial kit for passing Lucy?s and four other friends? email addresses along to the marketer. This is an example of (Points: 3)
a. viral marketing.
b. buzz marketing.
c. guerrilla marketing.
d. a word-of-mouth pyramid.
e. personal advertising.

14. A television advertisement showing the safety features of the Volvo ?Cross Country? Wagon would be best classified as which of the following? (Points: 3)
a. Product advertising
b. Pioneer advertising
c. Defensive advertising
d. Societal marketing
e. Publicity

15. Coors advertises that its beer is the only one that is kept cold from the brewery to the store. This type of advertising is called (Points: 3)
a. pioneer.
b. competitive.
c. comparative.
d. defensive.
e. institutional.

16. Advertising appropriations are largest for which type of product? (Points: 3)
a. Industrial products
b. Convenience goods
c. High-priced products
d. Specialty goods
e. Infrequently purchased goods

17. Bob and Terri are discussing the media plan for the opening of their new bar/laundromat called Soap and Suds. He tells her that while he agrees that __________ has tremendous impact, he does not feel that the upfront costs for such a campaign are in the modest budget that presently exists. (Points: 3)
a. radio
b. outdoor
c. television
d. direct mail
e. newspaper

18. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be measured (Points: 3)
a. only after the campaign has been carried out completely and results have been tabulated.
b. only before the campaign begins, to prevent unnecessary expenditures.
c. during the campaign to determine whether more or less funds should be allocated, but not after the campaign.
d. several weeks after the beginning of the campaign to determine whether the campaign is headed in the right direction.
e. before, during, and after the campaign through the use of pretests, inquiries, and posttests.

19. Sherry Sullivan, Glen Milner?s sales manager, points out to him that his last shopper in the housewares department didn?t seem involved as he explained the new food processor to her. She suggests that he use a ___________ as part of his presentation next time. (Points: 3)
a. video
b. referral
c. demonstration
d. trial close
e. qualification

20. On a break between classes, Kelley Macon selects two magazines and mails the Publishers Clearing House entry form. She doubts that she will win $10 million, but she never passes up a chance to participate in a (Points: 3)
a. premium.
b. consumer contest.
c. sampling.
d. sales contest.
e. sweepstakes.

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