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Explain why concise communication is important for developing

Resolved Question:

Explain why concise communication is important for developing effective strategic leadership communication. Identify 5–10 guidelines for achieving a concise communication style.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Academic Tutor replied 7 years ago.

Nothing has frustrated workers more than getting unclear instructions or directions. Often I have gotten upset when I found out my manager was not clear with what he was expecting me to do.

There is no way I can do a good job if my job is incomplete because my supervisor left something out. I hate those words, "Hey, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but this is the way I wanted it done." Then why have me do it? Hello?

Identify guidelines for achieving a concise communication style. (in speech and writing)

1. Have your staff repeat back the information to you, or if writing, have them respond by emailing or writing back. (by far, this is #1)

2. Communicate mano y mano, mouth to mouth as much as you can. There is nothing like handed down orders through an assistant that doesn't understand what you want either.

3. Slow down in your speech, giving time for your words to form correctly. I had some great teachers who talked so fast that all the students knew it was great what they said, but none of us knew what they said.

4. Take your time and use extra words in your memo. If you can't fully describe what you want to get across in a brief memo, try to verbally communicate the message instead.

5. Always take time for questions. I know CEOs who are so enamored with their speeches that they fly from the room as soon as the speech is done. "Uh, my secretary will take any questions you have. Bye."

6. Repeat yourself. Always be willing to restate the obvious.

7. The best speakers are the best listeners. One thing I noticed about Martin L. King Jr., if you look at all the pictures that were taken of him. In many he has his mouth shut listening to someone. The greatest orator of the 20th century was also the greatest listener.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



thanks for the help. this is an assignment that is already past due. do I need to reword it entirely or can I just tweek it before I turn it in?

Expert:  Academic Tutor replied 7 years ago.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, I will accept. Thank you for the help and I am rewording as best as I can. I have another question waiting to be answered, can you take a look and let me know if you can help me with it. I would really appreciate it.

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