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1. The Columbian Exposition not only showed the multifaceted

Resolved Question:

1. The Columbian Exposition not only showed the multifaceted nature of America but also revealed America's
A. cultural hostilities.
B. cultural insecurities.
C. racist attitudes.
D. intolerance of foreigners.

2. By 1851 Irish women were having trouble finding employment because
A. they were suspected of spying for the Pope.
B. they were converting to Protestantism.
C. their habits were slovenly.
D. they were displaced by freed slaves.

3. After 300 years of isolation from the West, Japan decided to open itself up to Western technology and culture. It did so in order to
A. compete with Western economic powers.
B. rid itself of outmoded Japanese traditions.
C. obtain equal treatment by the West.
D. attempt to dominate world trade.

4. By the end of the nineteenth century, London replaced _______ as Europe's financial center.
A. Amsterdam
B. Munich
C. Paris
D. Brussels

5. The Centennial Exposition showed that American-made machines, unlike their European counterparts, were
A. generally bigger.
B. unornamented.
C. generally smaller.
D. uniformly built.

6. The National League was founded in response to the
A. inadequacies of management-controlled baseball.
B. lack of investment opportunities in baseball.
C. inadequacies of player-controlled baseball.
D. erratic sets of rules governing baseball.

7. How did the Irish domestic servants change the employer-employee relationship?
A. Employment became a family-oriented relationship.
B. Employment became a cash-oriented relationship.
C. Unions were introduced to the employment relationship.
D. Employers were prohibited from religious discrimination.

8. What were the yatoi?
A. Reform resistors
B. Japanese social innovations
C. Foreign investors
D. Western missionaries

9. The goal of the Columbian Exposition was to place greater emphasis on
A. human diversity.
B. military strength.
C. artistic growth.
D. technological achievements.

10. The American contribution to the Crystal Palace Exposition was criticized because it lacked significant
A. volume.
B. technological innovation.
C. scientific discovery.
D. artistic work.

11. Which of the following was the "father" of American baseball?
B. Alexander Cartwright
C. Abner Doubleday
D. Albert Spalding

12. The principal complaint against the construction of the Eiffel Tower was that it was
A. ugly.
B. too expensive.
C. poorly located.
D. too tall.

13. Which African country did Macgregor Laird help to open up to European trade?
A. Cameroon
B. Benin
C. Nigeria
D. Niger

14. Aside from its size, the Corliss steam engine was remarkable because it
A. operated quietly.
B. incorporated European design.
C. disappointed the public.
D. generated heat.

15. The Diet of Japan refers to the
A. Emperor Meiji.
B. Tokugawa shogun.
C. bicameral government.
D. Japanese constitution.

16. Team sports were appealing in nineteenth-century America because they
A. provided an outlet for competitive working men.
B. contributed to the newly acquired American nationalism.
C. fulfilled the yearning for a return to rural America.
D. provided a sense of community and belonging.

17. The steamboat was important to the exploration of Africa because it could
A. withstand assaults by rival traders.
B. safely transport crews through disease-ridden areas.
C. navigate against the current of Africa's rivers.
D. be armed with heavy artillery to quell native uprisings.

18. What accounted for the mass emigration from Ireland to America in the nineteenth century?
A. The job opportunities available in America
B. The wars between Catholics and Protestants
C. England's refusal to grant Ireland sovereignty
D. The scarcity of food in the British Isles

19. In the context of American team sports, "hippodroming" means
A. breaking a contract.
B. team jumping.
C. fixing a game.
D. gambling.

20. From which of the following is quinine derived?
A. Cinchona bark
B. Hevea resin
C. Palm oil
D. Eucalyptus bark
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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