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1. Before starting Bronwyns Boutique, Betty Brown developed

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1. Before starting Bronwyn’s Boutique, XXXXX XXXXX developed a mission statement and a business plan, in keeping with the fundamental business principle of A. preparation. C. growing a business. B. the start-up stage. D. market strategy.

2. What is the primary purpose of a mission statement? A. To promote the growth of a business B. To explore the options for a business C. To state the reason for the existence of a business D. To list the immediate goals of the business

3. Which of the following is an example of a grand scale mission statement? A. “To build a better mousetrap.” B. “To make better cars.” C. “To prepare for any eventuality.” D. “To bring the world into the jet age.”

4. Your business plan is a A. brief description of your business. B. strategy for opening your business. C. blueprint for the achievement of your goals. D. selection of your best business ideas.

5. In a mission statement, the phrase striving for honesty and integrity represents the _______ of the organization. A. purpose C. motivation B. business D. values

6. Maureen, a talented painter, started a business making handmade furniture with customized designs painted on each piece. Because she knows nothing about marketing, you’d advise her to A. ask a relative to handle marketing for her. B. teach herself how to market the products. C. rely on word-of-mouth to sell her furniture. D. hire an outsider with marketing experience.

7. The bullet points beneath a one-line mission statement often serve as A. value statements to show how the mission will be achieved. B. lesser goals to consider for the future. C. a timeline for achieving the company’s goals. D. a reminder of the one-line statement.

8. Earl’s Health Emporium, a sole proprietorship, has a mission that includes promoting health and harmony through organic foods and meditation. The statement is evidence of A. a mature business. B. the owner’s goals and values. C. its intention to expand its services. D. the CEO’s short-term goals.

9. “To make a profit while benefiting humanity” is an example of a mission statement that A. incorporates values. C. is too humanitarian. B. is too vague. D. confuses the fundamental goal.

10. What is one of the best ways to determine what kind of business you’ll enjoy? A. Buy an established business. B. Create one related to what you do in your free time. C. Get advice from a professional. D. Make small investments in several diverse ideas.

11. “To get out the vote” is an example of what type of mission statement? A. The grand scale statement C. The anti-mission statement B. The social values statement D. The partisan statement

12. One of the risks involved in the anti-mission statement is that it A. is too aggressive. C. can be dishonest. B. can backfire. D. is misleading.

13. What is one characteristic of a clear goal? A. It’s flexible. C. It’s unique. B. It’s measurable. D. It’s imaginative.

14. Choosing firm goals for your business A. eliminates other options. B. allows you to diversify as opportunities develop. C. prevents you from staying focused. D. allows you to be more flexible.

15. Identifying the needs a business will address is a good example of the _______ of the organization. A. purpose C. activity B. business D. values

16. One of the goals you have set for your company is “to expand our product line.” This statement is A. a short-term goal. B. a valuable addition to your mission statement. C. not clear and not measurable. D. a slow-growth option.

17. In the process of brainstorming his goals, Robert realized his Web business was more about money than creativity. His decision to include a minimum monthly income of $5,000 as part of his mission statement is an example of A. a specific, measurable goal. C. compromising principles. B. a values statement. D. gratifying investors.

18. Your business plan is a tool that can A. clarify your business strategy for investors. B. double as an office manual for new employees. C. be used to get your business license. D. be useful only in the start-up stage.

19. Owens Finest Mattress Co., Inc. decided to employ an anti-mission statement. Which of the following phrases did they use? A. We’ll make the finest even finer. B. We’ll decrease production to save money. C. We’ll strive to outsell every other mattress manufacturer. D. We’ll destroy Sealy.

20. As you track your progress, you’ll act, observe, adjust, and then A. act again. C. study the results. B. react. D. announce the results.


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