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i need all of these answered 1. In order to be eligible

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i need all of these answered

1. In order to be eligible for accreditation by the NAEYC, an early childhood program must serve a minimum of _______ children.
A. five
B. six
C. ten
D. fifteen

2. Which of the following agencies or organizations does not grant certifications?
A. State Department of Education
B. Association Montessori Internationale
C. American Montessori Society
D. Child Welfare League of America

3. The Association Montessori Internationale has _______ Maria Montessori's methods of teaching children.
A. Americanized
B. preserved
C. modernized
D. reinterpreted

4. Which of the following is the primary function of certification?
A. To enforce mandatory government regulations
B. To give credit to a facility that meets certain professional standards
C. To grant a credential to an individual as an authorization to teach
D. To set health and safety standards for a child care facility

5. The reason that individual states have specific licensing requirements for child care facilities is to
A. limit the total number of child care facilities.
B. guarantee quality child care.
C. protect the health, safety, and welfare of children.
D. encourage public school systems to develop child care facilities.

6. Most licensing agencies offer an orientation meeting for applicants who want to obtain licensing for a child care facility or a family day care home. This meeting is designed to help the applicant to
A. understand all the regulations and requirements for operating the facility.
B. determine where to open his or her program.
C. locate financial backers for his or her program.
D. understand the fundamentals of the ages and states of child development.

7. Which of the following is a factor that's very important to high-quality child care, but not often covered in state licensing regulations?
A. An annual visit by a representative of the licensing agency
B. A fire safety clearance
C. The group size
D. The staff-to-child ratio

8. How many components of an early childhood program are evaluated by the NAEYC for accreditation?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 10
D. 15

9. In order to obtain a Child Development Associate credential, you must
A. have a certain level of academic achievement.
B. have a specified number of years of experience.
C. demonstrate certain competencies.
D. provide an album of teaching experiences for evaluation.

10. In zoning ordinances, which type of area is most often designed as acceptable as a site for a child care facility?
A. A commercial area
B. A residential area
C. A heavy industry area
D. A light industry area

11. Which of the following organizations stresses the responsibility of the community for children's wholesome development?

12. A child care facility in a fitness center can operate without a license because
A. exercise facilities for the children are available at the fitness center.
B. the fitness center is a private business.
C. the fitness staff is qualified for child care.
D. the parent is present at the fitness center.

13. When you're ready to obtain licensing for your child care facility, which of the following agencies or departments should you contact first?
A. Your city or county regulatory agency
B. Your local health department
C. Your local fire department
D. Your state licensing agency

14. Which of the following accreditation organizations does not have its headquarters in the United States?

15. According to most state licensing regulations, the minimum average required outdoor play space per child in a child care center is between
A. 60 and 75 square feet.
B. 45 and 60 square feet.
C. 30 and 45 square feet.
D. 25 and 45 square feet.

16. Before a day care facility can be accredited by the NAEYC, the facility must be in operation for at least
A. three months.
B. six months.
C. one year.
D. two years.

17. In which of the following ways do the Montessori organizations differ from the other accrediting groups you learned about in this study unit?
A. You must use their specially designed Montessori materials.
B. You must submit to an on-site visit by the Montessori organization.
C. Your facility must be evaluated by an accreditation committee.
D. You must be a member of the organization before you can be accredited.

18. The primary goal of the National Association for the Education of Young Children is to
A. check the credentials of day care staff.
B. develop a quality curriculum for day care centers.
C. improve the quality of life for young children and their families.
D. license child care centers.

19. To obtain a credential from _______, it's acceptable to have received your training through independent study.
A. the Association Montessori Internationale
B. the American Montessori Society
C. the Child Development Associate training program
D. your State Department of Education

20. Which of the following is the main function of the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)?
A. To certify teachers
B. To set standards for day care services
C. To certify directors of day care centers
D. To sell specialized curriculum materials
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Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX you have the answers for exam # XXXXX
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