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1. What is the quality of the site upon which the Parthenon

Resolved Question:

1. What is the quality of the site upon which the Parthenon
was built that underlines the ancient-Greek belief that such
a building speaks of human intellect, separate and above
earthly concerns?
A. It’s a hill above the city.
B. It has direct access to the sea.
C. It’s the site on which Athena was born.
D. It’s the oldest district of Athens.
2. Why did colonial American builders use clapboards to enclose
the sides of their dwellings?
A. Convenience of raw material
B. Aesthetic preference
C. Symbolic associations
D. Echoing architecture of the past
3. Wood engravings such as those created by Gustave Doré for Samuel Coleridge’s
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner are good examples of
A. relief prints. C. etchings.
B. intaglio prints. D. lithographs.
4. Like the decorative arts and design, architecture is meant to be useful.
Like sculpture, architecture
A. must be seen from multiple perspectives to be appreciated.
B. is generally thought to be less “pure” than the decorative arts.
C. is usually thought to be as “pure” as painting.
D. is most successful when it’s two dimensional.
5. If you were to spend a week in Athens visiting the major architectural achievements of
the ancient Greeks, which type of column would you see the least number of during
your stay there?
A. Ionic C. Doric
B. Corinthian D. Capital
6. Which of the following decorative arts and crafts was regarded as one of the highest
forms of art in the twelfth century by the Chinese?
A. Ceramics C. Tapestry
B. Stained glass D. Quilting
7. Which of the following is not a concern of the Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling
Monastery who, during a eight-day empowerment ritual, create a sand mandala?
A. The pattern of the mandala
B. The process of artistic creation
C. The use to which the finished work is put
D. The preservation of the completed work
8. Modern Chinese and Japanese artists model the centuries-old brush techniques after
those of
A. Wu Chen. C. Maya Ying Lin.
B. Zhan Wang. D. Daguerre.
9. Spirited Away, Astro Boy, and Princess Mononoke are classic examples of what
artistic form?
A. Hokusai C. Digital video
B. Pixar D. Anime
10. If Gianlorenzo Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne were to be moved from the Galleria
Borghese in Rome where it now stands into the Ufizzi Gallery, the most ideal place to
install it would be
A. anywhere in a gallery, provided it was with other sixteenth-century marble statues.
B. on the west wall of a gallery with other Renaissance marbles.
C. on the east wall of a gallery with other Renaissance marbles.
D. in the center of a gallery.
11. How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare is an example of
A. mixed-media installation.
B. environmental art.
C. performance art.
D. earth art.
12. Modeling a flexible material like clay is a/an _______ type of sculptural method.
A. subtractive C. casting
B. additive D. lost wax
13. Which of the following sequences of architectural features is in the correct chronological
order of development?
A. Frame construction, barrel vault, groin vault
B. Post and lintel construction, groin vault, pointed arch
C. Pointed arch, steel frame construction, frame construction
D. Pointed arch, barrel vault, cast-iron construction
14. It wouldn’t have been possible to build a building such as London’s Crystal Palace in
the eighteenth century because
A. appropriate glass-making techniques were not yet known.
B. advanced structural construction methods were unknown.
C. iron hadn’t yet been developed as a building material.
D. innovative building techniques weren’t encouraged before 1850.
15. _______ is known as the “Queen of the Arts.”
A. Architecture C. Painting
B. Sculpture D. Music
16. In addition to being an artist, every architect must also understand the principles of
A. anatomy. C. hydraulics.
B. engineering. D. sociology.
17. Which of the following categories of sculpture was not introduced in the
twentieth century?
A. Kinetic sculpture C. Earth art
B. Performance art D. Installation
18. In which of the following buildings are there no arches?
A. Nave of Sainte-Madeleine C. Taos Pueblo
B. Amiens Cathedral D. Temple of Athena Nike
19. The interiors of Victor Horta are examples of
A. Art Nouveau.
B. the Rococo period.
C. eighteenth-century design techniques.
D. twentieth-century decorative skills.
20. Which of the following artists was not involved in the creation of Saint Peter’s Basilica
and the Vatican?
A. Michelangelo C. Carlo Maderno
B. Giacomo della Porta D. Leonardo da Vinci
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