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davi or anyone can you please help me with exam number 00792700

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davi or anyone can you please help me with exam number 00792700 thank youCustomer
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
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1. This < is an example of which type of angle?.


A. Obtuse C.Acute

B. Right D. Vertical


2. An obtuse angle


A. is exactly 90° C. is less than 90°

B. is greater than 90° D. is always 180°


3. Vertical angles


A. always equal 45° C. always measure less than 90°

B. measure exactly 90° D. are formed by two interesting lines


4. This ↔ is the symbol for a/an


A. ray C. point

B. line D. angle


5. Two angles are complementary. The first angle measures 45 degrees. What is the measurement of the second angle?.


A. 45° C. 60°

B. 30° D. 135°


6. Which of the following best describes a line segment?.


A. a window pane C. The corner of a desk

B. a highway divider D. a wall


7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. Perpendicular lines


A. never intersect. C. form a 90 angle when they intersect.

B. form a 45 angle when they intersect. D.move in the same direction.


8. Which of the following is not true of polygons?.


A. A polygon has three or more sides.

B. Polygons are always closed figures.

C. Polygons are named according to the number of sides they have.

D. A polygon is three dimensional


9. Gina bought a new picture frame. The frame has eight sides. The shape of the frame is a/an


A. hexagon C.heptagon

B. octagon D. quadrilateral


10. An example of a regular polygon is a/an


A. square C. circle

B. rectangle D. oval


11. This (square) shape is an example of a


A. nonagon C. triangle

B.quadriulateral D. heptagon


12. The length of one side of a square is 4 inches. What is the perimeter of the square?.


A. 16 inches C. 12 inches

B. 8 inches D. 32 inches


13. A rectangular clock is 6 inches wide and 12 inches tall. What is the perimeter of the clock in inches?.


A. 18 inches C. 36 inches

B. 72 inches D. 24 inches


14. The perimeter of a triangular park is 420 feet. If one side of the park is 207 feet and another is 89 feet, what is the length of the third side?


A. 296 feet C. 112 feet

B.213 feet D. 124 feet


15. Find the perimeter of a regular hexagon with sides measuring 9 feet.


A. 63 feet C. 81 feet

B. 54 feet D. 45 feet


16. Which of the following is true about the radius of a circle?.


A. The radius cuts a circle in half.

B. The radius is the distance around the outside of a circle

C. The radius is twice the length of the diameter.

D. The radius equals one half the length of the diameter of a circle.


17. What is the circumfrence of a circle with a diameter of 7 inches?


A. 10.99 inches C. 21.98 inches

B. 14 inches D. 43.96 inches


18. What is the circumfrence of a lake with a radius of 354 feet?.


A. 711.14 feet C. 2223.12 feet

B. 3,340.96 feet D.1,111.56 feet


19. What is the diameter of a circle with a circumfrence of 81.64 feet?.


A. 27.35 feet C. 13 feet

B. 26 feet D. 21.14 feet


20. The circumfrence of a high school track course is 200 meters. What is the radius of the course?. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


A. 50.00 meters C. 29.33 meters

B. 63.69 meters D. 31.85 meters


Hope this helps!


Chris M. and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Chris M thank you so much for your help may god bless you always thanks againCustomer/p>

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
HI XXXXX can you please help me with pennfoster exam number 00792800 thank you so muchCustomer

Hello jdeans,


Post the questions in a reply and I will have a look at them soon as possible.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. Which of the following statements is not true of a parallelogram?


A.The sum of its angles equals 360°

B.The opposite sides are equal in length

C.It has three pair of parallel sides

D.The opposite angles are equal


2. What is the perimeter of the rectangle below?

File:Rectangle .png5 cm

12 cm

A. 36 centimeters B. 17 centimeters

B.60 centimeters D. 34 centimeters



3. Shelly is putting a wire fence around her square vegetable garden.The length of one side is 7 feet.How many feet of fencing will she need?


A. 30 feet C.14 feet

B.28 feet D.21 feet



4. A trapezoid has one angle with a measurement of 50°, the second angle is 90° and the third is 130°. What is the measurement of the fourth?


A.120° C.130°

B.90° D.45°


5.The surface of a desk is 42 inches long and 24 inches wide.Find the area of the surface of the desk.

A.168 square inches C.924 square inches

B.66 square inches D.1,008 square inches



6.The measurement of one side of a square calendar is 18 centimeters.What is the area of the calendar?


A. 72 square centimeters C.180 square centimeters

B.36 square centimeters D.324 square centimeters



7. A rectangular pool has an area of 198 square feet.The pool is 18 feet long.How wide is the pool?


A. 18 feet C. 11 feet

B. 9 feet D.12 feet


8.The area of a square sheet of construction paper is 49 square inches.What is the length of the paper?


A. 7 inches C. 6 inches

B. 24.5 inches D.12.25 inches



9. A circular fan has a diameter of 10 inches. What is the circumference of the fan?


A. 20 inches C.15.7 inches

B.40 inches D. 31.4 inches



10.Find the area of a circular table with a radius of 2 feet.


A. 6.28 sq.ft. C.12.56 sq.ft.

B.25.12 sq.ft. D.14.56 sq.ft.



11.What is the radius of a circle with an area of 1519.76 square meters?


A.22 meters C.11 meters

B.484 meters D.44 meters



12. Which type of triangle has three angles that measure 60°?


A. A right triangle C. An equilateral triangle

B. An obtuse triangle D. A scalene triangle



13. What is the area of a triangle with a base of 8 centimeters and an altude of 5 centimeters?



File:Triangle-acute.svg 5 cm

8 cm


A.40 square centimeters C 20 square centimeters

B. 80 square centimeters D. 16 square centimeters




14. What is the area of a triangle having a base of 16 inches and an altitude of 4 inches?


A. 32 square inches C. 64 square inches

B. 22 square inches D. 20 square inches



15. The pythagorean Theorem is used when finding the length of the sides of which type of a triangle?


A. obtuse C. Equilateral

B. Right D. Acute



16. What is the length of side C in the figure below?


A. 49 meters C.28 meters

B.8 meters D.65 meters 7m below 4m left side c





17. What is the length of side A in the figure below?






A. 32 inches C.16 inches on top 7in below 9in side A

B.63 inches D.130 inches



18. A cube shaped storage room has walls that are 12 feet high.What is the volume of the storage room?


A.114 cubic feet C.36 cubic feet

B.1,728 cubic feet D.1,212 cubic feet



19. A rectangular building is 40 meters wide, 75 meters long,and62 meters high. What is the volume of this building?



A.180 cubic meters C.3,062 cubic meters

B.186,000 cubic meters D.141,360 cubic meters



20. Fine the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 8 inches and a height of 24 inches?



A. 4,823.04 cubic inches C.1,205.76 cubic inches

B. 192 cubic inches D.96 cubic inches





HI Chris M. on number 16 and 17 is not the right measurements but plesae do the best you can on those thank you for your help.Customer/p>


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Chris M. and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
HI Chris M Please let me know what information you need i did not get all the answers just 4 thanksCustomer



Sorry, I accidentally hit "answer" before I was finished. I have them all except #16 and #17. The images and measurements of the sides don't give an answer that matches any of the choices. In a right triangle, a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Could you check these two to make sure they are posted correctly?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Chris M.


The measurement for # XXXXX is 4m < 7m < c



And the measurements for # XXXXX is 7in <9in < a


thank you so much


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

HI Chris M.

Thank you so much for your help,you don,t have to send # XXXXX and # XXXXX i did it.again thank you so much it means alot to me for you to help me like you did.

God Bless You And Keep You Always.


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