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Stuck on a few questions regarding genetics 1.Tail length

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Stuck on a few questions regarding genetics:
1.Tail length on a bobcat is controlled by incomplete dominance. The alleles are T for normal tail length and t for tail-less. What name could/would you give to the tails of heterozygous (Tt) cats? How would their tail length compare with that of TT or tt bobcats?
2.If curly-haired individuals are genotypically CC, straight-haired individuals are cc, and wavy-haired individuals are het¬erozygotes (Cc), what percentage of the various phenotypes would be anticipated from a cross between a CC woman and a cc man?

% curly % wavy % straight
3. An XCXc female marries an XCY man.(XC=normal) (Xc=color blind).What is the probability of producing a color-blind son? A color-blind daughter? A daughter who is a carrier for the color-blind allele?
4. A man and a woman marry. Neither is aware of the fact, each is a heterozygote for the allele for mental retardation.What are chances of having 1 child with MR? Chances 4/4 kids MR?

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I appreciate your help and the time you spent. I will use your help to further answer the questions and complete this assignment.



Hello Heidi,


Thanks for the reply and the "accept." I began this answer and my daughter woke up, so I apologize if it didn't have all the detail you needed. Glad to provide some assistance. No need to reply. Just that a customer reply prompts for a response on my end.



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