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1-the business generated by a convention for the hotel hosting it depends upon the . A-price of the drink. B-availabilty of room service. c- kind of convention it is. d-marketing strategy.

2-which one of the following is a good suggestion for preventing incidents at your establishment? A-have your staff do the weekly alcohol inventory. b- use inhouse security for large parties or busy holidays. c-discourage servers from interacting with customers. d-forge good relationship with limousine companies or towing services.

3-wine is distilled in france to make? A-more potent wine. b- champagne. c- brandy. d- liqueurs.

4-a beer emergency forced the mayflower to land at plymouth tock rather than? A-virginia. b- new york harbor. c- jamaica. d- nova scotia.

5-a uniquely english variety of tavern is the? A-oyster bar. b- cabaret c- pub. d- king of prussia.

6- which remedy speeds up the process of sobering up? A-strong coffee. b- tomato juice c- breathing oxygen d- nothing speeds up the process.

7-which oh the following conditions would cause alcohol to affect a person's behavior more quickly than usual? A- depression b- low altitude. c- experience in drinking. d-dieting.

8- alcoholic beverages are today available in? A- every state and the district of columbia. b- every state except mississippi.c-every state except kansas. d- 38 states.

9-bourbon, scotch, and other whiskies are sometimes referred to collectively as? A-brown goods. b- moonshine. c- neutral spirits. d- imported spirits.

10-intoxication is measured by? A-speech patterns. b- walking coordination. c- percent of alcohol in the blood.d-visual perception.

11-washington said goodbye to his officers farewell in? A-raleigh tavern. b- valley forge. c- king of prussia. d- fraunces tavern.

12- the eighteenth amendment to the U.S constitution gave birth to? A- the temperance movement. b-the speakeasy. c-light beer. d-the english pub.

13- which of the following is a major disadvantage of the wine bar? A-you can't buy other alcoholic drinks. b- purchasing fine wines requires a large investment. c- wine bars don't serve meals. d-discounts and retail prices are unheard of. Attachments:


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