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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
Category: Homework
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EXPERT CHRIS M & AMANDA M 1)Range of knowledge+skills that

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EXPERT CHRIS M & AMANDA M 1)Range of knowledge+skills that kids are not yet ready to learn on their own but could learn with help from teacher is called a)assisted knowledge b)range of potential knowledge c)zone of proximal development d)future knowledge 2)Which is NOT an advantage of multiple choice testing a)it tests the recall of algorithms b)allows a broad assessment of content c)at provides an unbiased assessment of kids performance d)grading is quick 3)MrX is thinking about integrading technology use in his class.What might important to ask himself a)none below b)how comfortable am I with using computer c)how do I envision myself using technology d)will I need to learn new computer programs+am I comfortable with that e)all above 4)If you decide to use technology in class what should the goal be a)to make otherwise difficult/boring material interesting+fun b)to make sure all kids get equal access c)stay ahead of kids knowledge d)use it in ways that strengthen classroom learning

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