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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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EXPERT CHRIS M OR AMANDA 1)A person responds to thirst by

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EXPERT CHRIS M OR AMANDA 1)A person responds to thirst by going to refrigerator+getting a drink.Identify motiv a)thirst b)going to refrigerator c)all above d)getting a drink 2)which form of measurement focuses on major skills developed over a course of a yearlong curriculum through weekly tests,data analysis+graphing result to track individual progress a)standarized measurement b)benchmark testing c)curriculum based measurement d)mastery-learning measures 2)person who believes schools should help all kids develop american values+beliefs is best described as a)assimilationist b)cultural pluralist c)multiculturalist d)cultural responsivist 3)Prepairing kids to take high stakes tests will a)create anxienty b)raise test scores c)teach more valuable information d)hold kids accountable for their learning 4)In extremely heterogeneous classroom which strategy were most effective help teacher become effective a)all b)none c)providing help for lower ability kids d)requent feedback to all kis

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