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1)Eriksons theory of psychosocial development is important

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1)Erikson`s theory of psychosocial development is important for teacher to recognize because a)the conflict of trust vs mistrust occurs,or is resolved,or not resolved during the years 3 and 12 b)kids must be restricted by teacher in most of their activities for health+safety reason c)the outcome of eriksons conflicts can have a positive or negative effect on ego development d)teachers need to make sure that kids dont assert their will to be too independend 2)Which is the first major category on the continuum of development in the affective domain a)receiving or attending b)valuing c)organizing d)responding 3)Gardners theory of multiple intelligences includes all except a)experiential intelligence b)musical intelligence c)linguistic intelligence d)logical-mathematical intelligence 3)Which are characterics of creative people a)structured+shy b)flexible+open to experiences c)work together in group setting d)punctual+responsible

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