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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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1)All following are identified by dimondstein as the basic

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1)All following are identified by dimondstein as the basic movement experience for exploring creative dance except a)time b)force c)music d)space 2)when exploring space,time,force,it is not important to a)keep the classroom safe b)engage students with disabilities c)introduce all the activities in a movement day d)use your own creativity 3)the second category on the continuum of affective development is a)valuing b)attending c)responding d)conceptualizing 4)According to national standards for music education mission statement,it is most important to a)allow only those kids interested in music to take music classes b)promote creative+healthy lifestyles through dancing c)advance music education by encouraging the study of music to all d)have each kid compose+present a musical selection 5)in exploring locomotor movement kids learn to organize the available space in relation to themselfes and in relationships to objects and other individuals a)true b)false

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