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EXCESS CAPACITY Walter Industries has $5 billion in sales

Customer Question

EXCESS CAPACITY: Walter Industries has $5 billion in sales and $1.7 billion in fixed assets. Currently the company’s fisxed assets are operating at 90% of capacity. A.What level of sales could Walter Industries have obtained if it had been operation at full capacity? B. What is Walter’s target fixed assets/Sales ratio? C. If Walter’s sales increase 12% how large of an increase in fixed assets will the company need to meet its Target fixed assets/ sales ratio?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  SteveS replied 7 years ago.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hey can you anser this question also?

17-7 PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT: At the end of the year last year, Robert Inc. reported the following income statement (In millions) sales-$ 3,000 Operation costs excluding depreciation-$2450 EBITDA-$550, depreciation- $250, EBIT-$175, taxes (40%)-$70, net income $ 105. Looking ahead to the following year, the company's CFO has assemebled this information: year end sales are expected to be 10% higher than the $3 billion in sales generated last year , year end operating costs, excluding depreciation, are expected to be equal 80% of year end sales, depreciation is expected to increase at the same rate as sales, interest costs are expected to remain unchanged, the tax rate is expected to remain at 40%. On the basis of that information, what will be the forecast for Robert's year end net income?

Expert:  SteveS replied 7 years ago.
Sure, I can answer that no problem. But I'm about to step out at the moment and will return later in the afternoon today. What time do you need this by? If you are okay with getting an answer later in the afternoon, can you please post this question in a new post, and type "For Steve Song" in the title of the post so that I can easily pick it up? Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yea I have 5 questions actually that need to be answered by around 9 do you think you could do all of them for me? I can post each one separately with that title if you know you will be able to do them for me before 9
Expert:  SteveS replied 7 years ago.
Sure, I can take a look at all of them for you. I'll let you know when I start to look at them in the afternoon so you're not left hanging. Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok I will post all 5 separately with your name and just keep me posted. Thank you again for all your help they are all similar to the first 2 you did this morning. They are all from Finance II.