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1) Marketing and sales sell an organizations products. PR

Resolved Question:

1) Marketing and sales sell an organization’s products. PR attempts to sell not only the products, but the organization itself.
_____ True _____ False

2) Public Relations is a way for the organization to get its message out to its publics, but not a way for the publics to communicate with the organization.
_____ True _____ False

3) Which of the following best describes the basic role of the PR practitioner?
_____ a. To distribute information to the organization’s publics so they understand the actions of the organization.
_____ b. To promote the interests of the organization to the general public.
_____ c. To work to satisfy the interests of the organization while also satisfying the
interests of those on whom its success depends.
_____ d. To make the organization look good despite its poor policies and bad actions.

4) Publics aren’t static and so must be monitored in an ongoing way.
_____ True _____ False

5) PR’s value to an organization lies in which of the following: (check all that apply)
_____ a. Counseling management for social responsibility and concern for the public
_____ b. Solving problems concerning the organization’s publics through
communication methods.
_____ c. Acting as a spin doctor to deflect negative attention by “doctoring” accounts
and/or interpretation of events.
_____ d. Identifying and dealing with issues before they become problems.
_____ e. Developing communications programs based on intuition rather than research.

6) Another name for public relations is:
_____ a. Information systems
_____ b. Corporate communications
_____ c. Customer service
_____ d. Public awareness
_____ e. Crisis management

7) Match the following:
_____ press agentry a. One-way communication, meant to inform. Little research is done about the audiences.
_____ public information b. Two-way communication that uses social science research methods to increase persuasiveness. The organization is more interested in having the publics adjust to the organization than the reverse.
_____ asymmetrical c. One-way communication, used for promotion purposes
_____ symmetrical d. Two-way communication in which the organization and its publics achieve mutual understanding. The organization is as willing to accept input from its publics as it is to try to persuade them to accept the organization’s messages.

8) Public relations must have clear strategies, but does not need to pay attention to
the organization’s botXXXXX XXXXXne, as PR deals with publics rather than customers.
_____ True _____ False

9) An organization’s public image is determined by:
_____ a. Its advertising
_____ b. Its stock rating
_____ c. Its employees’ job satisfaction
_____ d. Its public philanthropy
_____ e. Its goods and services and persona as a corporation

10) Because articles in the media are perceived as being more objective than advertising, favorable press coverage is more likely to be absorbed and believed.

_____ True _____ False

Bonus question: If you answer this correctly, you may substitute it for an incorrect answer above.

The success of which one of the following was due almost exclusively to public relations?
_____ a. Finding Nemo _____ c. University of Phoenix
_____ b. Accord Integra _____ d. Blair Witch Project
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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