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1)teacher completion of reflection+revision component of any

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1)teacher completion of"reflection+revision"component of any lesson plan occurs during the__?phase of decision-making and instruction a)interactive b)preactive c)projective d)reflective e)metacognitive 2)instructional objectives guide students by helping students to a)identify important high level skills b)discuss the lesson with each other c)monitor their own learning d)create teachable moments 3)which one of instructional units is least like the others a)standard b)traditional c)conventional d)interdisciplinary thematic 4)for purposes of the text,teaching young adolescents,the authors define curriculum as a)all planned experiences encounter while at school b)that which is intended to be taught c)the combined specified courses of study d)the sequence of courses that students take 5)the essential procedures for preparing a unit of study are the same regardless of the type of the unit?true/false 6)what is called thematic unit may or may not be a unit that is interdisciplinary?true/false

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