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16. In which of the following disputes might state law compel

Resolved Question:

16. In which of the following disputes might state law compel arbitration?
A. A school district teachers’ strike
B. A loss of cargo at sea
C. An interstate truckers’ strike
D. An online commerce dispute.
17. Company A owns 1,000 acres of timberland in California. The United States government
contacts Company A and informs the company the government needs the timber owned
by Company A to build shelters for the homeless. The government informs the company it
will be paid $100 for the timber on the land it owns. Which of the following constitutional
amendments has the government likely violated?
A. Seventh Amendment C. Ninth Amendment
B. Fifth Amendment D. First Amendment
18. Shannon wants to sue Spelling Industries for her alleged wrongful termination. Shannon
should file
A. suit in the appropriate trial court.
B. an appeal in the appropriate appellate court.
C. suit in the United States Supreme Court.
D. suit in the United States Court of Appeals.
19. Marc and Ricky have been involved in an ongoing argument, in which Marc alleges that
Ricky stole a song written by Marc, and that Ricky made millions after recording the song.
Marc threatens to file suit. However, after he and Ricky meet on several occasions, Ricky
agrees to pay Marc $500,000 and to show Marc some of his famous dance moves if Marc
agrees not to file suit. Marc eagerly agrees. Marc and Ricky resolved their dispute through
A. mediation. C. negotiation.
B. binding arbitration. D. nonbinding arbitration.
20. Which of the following disputes could be properly resolved by online dispute resolution?
A. A dispute regarding the quality of a computer purchased over the Internet
B. A dispute regarding the quality of an electric razor purchased from a Walport store
located in Jacksonville, Florida
C. A dispute between Company A and Company B, Internet companies, where Company
A claims Company B stole its program that increases Internet access speed for home
computer users
D. Susie files suit against Old Town Clothes due to allegedly defective lowrider jeans.
Susie purchased her lowrider jeans at an Old Town Clothes store located in Orlando,
Florida. However, the same jeans are available on the Web site
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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