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2. In which of the following scenarios could a federal court

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2. In which of the following scenarios could a federal court exercise jurisdiction over
the case?
A. Joe, a citizen of Texas, files suit against Deb, also a citizen of Texas, for unspecified
damages resulting from his wrongful termination, based upon state law.
B. Alice, a citizen of Missouri, files suit against Bob, a citizen of California, for damages
of $10,000 resulting from a car accident.
C. Kellen, a citizen of Georgia, files suit against Justin, also a citizen of Georgia, for
damages of $80,000 resulting from a car accident.
D. Jamal, a citizen of New York, files suit against Hillary, a citizen of Pennsylvania, for
damages of $80,000 resulting from Jamal’s wrongful termination, based upon state law.
3. Which of the following serves as the most significant source of law in the American
legal system?
A. Federal statutes C. The United States Constitution
B. Administrative regulations D. Case law
4. Jane notices the that the sole clerk in a convenience store has left the building to take a
cigarette break. Jane decides against taking a candy bar from the store because she has
always believed that stealing is wrong. Jane’s decision would be classified as
A. duty-based ethics. C. utilitarianism.
B. outcome-based ethics. D. cost-benefit analysis.
5. Which of the following disputes would be considered a good candidate for online
dispute resoluton?
A. Britney Spears discovers, to her dismay, that Jose previously registered
for the domain name
B. Monica purchases a shirt from Eddie’s, a store in a local mall, which also has a
Web site called The shirt unravels after one wash, and the store refuses
to refund Monica’s money.
C. Ricky Marks agrees to endorse a new product, Handsome Hunk aftershave, on television
and radio ads. Marks discovers, to his disbelief, that the aftershave smells like oranges,
which he detests. Marks refuses to endorse the product.
D. Sally agrees to accept a freelance writing assignment for Harry Publishing. According
to the agreement, Sally is to submit all of her work through e-mail. However, Sally
thinks e-mail is overrated and refuses to submit her work by any means other than
conventional mail.
6. Hillary sues Mona for damages for what Hillary alleges was her wrongful termination. As
what type of law would Hillary’s suit against Mona be classified?
A. National law C. Criminal law
B. International law D. Civil law

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX had the same answers but with question # XXXXX I thought it will be "A" Can you please explain to me why it wouldn't be A but B?


Thanks a lot



"A" involves a dispute over a domain name that may constitute infringment and require litigation.


"B" is a simple case of a customer complaint that couldn't be resolved at the store, so Monica seeks a resolution through the company website; she takes the problem to a higher level of management.


Does this clarify the answer for you?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok, thank you.

I also posted other questions so I can compare them with my answers, would you be interested answering them also?


Thanks a lot