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How are you, a new individual, going to turn things around?

Customer Question

How are you, a new individual, going to turn things around? As your first job as the new manager at the outdated, adversarial company, write a plan for changing its organizational structure, incorporating the following elements: My responses are as follows: 1. Explain how you would address each of the three main problems in the organization: 1) outdated product lines, 2) adversarial communication, and 3) competition for internal resources. Response to Question 1 1.a. The outdated product line and losing market share indicate that consumers are not purchasing the product. I would have the marketing division do the research to find out the following: Look at the competition and find out what they are doing and how they are changing; Research cimilar product lines and see what are the upcoming ideas related to this product. Look at the direction technology is taking with regards to this product line Is there a market for this product? How can the product be modified or replaced to meet the current market and or customer requirements. Find more modern, environmentally friendly ways to provide the same product. 1.b. Because dialogue is the key to overcoming the stress situation, adversarial communications will be dealt with by implementing a strategic communication action plan to involve active participation by the employees who are the stakeholders in this case. This action plan will solicit questions which will be based on listening, and responding with specific answers. This is one of the ways employees will show interest in the success of the new product and it is also an opportune time for supervisors and employees to talk and listen to one another. If the product cannot be salvaged, then there will be loss of jobs. Employees will begin to trust management therefore communication must be open and ongoing (Stephen Robbins & Mary Coulter). 1. c. Based on the results of the market research and responses received from the strategic communication plan, I would take the evidence discovered about what needs to be done and why it needs to be done to upper management and request funding to promote the new product. I would also request a financial report from the Accounting Department which would show financial results to be expected should the product prove that it is what the consumers need. I would explain to upper management that once the old product isd eliminated that the expense could be used to launch the new peoduct (Stephen Robbins & Mary Coulter). 2. Thinking about organizational structures reviewed in the text, which one (or ones) do you think would be most suited to this organization and why. The organizational structures that I think woule be suited to this organization are Functional Departmentalization and Production Departmentalization. Functional Departmentalization groups jobs by function performed,and can be used in all types of organizations “although the function change to reflect the organization purpose and function” (Stephen Robbins & Mary Coulter). By grouping employees according to function, more of the product line can be produced with less cost to the organization. This means as the production increases there is “a better chance to decrease its costs” (Investopedia). Production Departmentalization groups job by product line (Stephen Robbins & Mary Coulter). In this case tasks are grouped according to this new product. Groups will be under the manager who will be the specialist and responsible for every phase of the production. The advantage of this structure is that all the necessary activities to produce and market this product are grouped together and focus on the particulare needs of this new product allows each person to become experts during its development, production and distribution (Organizational Structure). 3. What steps would you suggest to manage the transition from the old organizational structure to the new? As a new manager, I would make institute gradual changes. Making changes with employees involvlement will or may produce resentment. In order to maintain the environment, gradual introduction of new tasks, continuance of open communication will give the division a sense of purpose. I will familiarize myself with emloyees by knowing their nakes, job descriptions and performance record. This is just to show my care and concern which will help to build trust. “There is nothing more effective that one-on-one discussion where management asks, listens, talks, encouraging employees to do the same” (Stephen Cabot). The stakeholders (employees) must understad that because of the past failure, there is an urgent need to transition from the old organizationalstructure to a new one. According to an article “Transition Leadership”, there are ten characteristics that are needed in a successful transition: • Gains in support and confidence from others It is important togain support and confidence from the key employees. • Listen and collaborate effectively. This result in ownership and trust from the employees. • Takes accountability. • Provide constructive feedback to others. This type of feedback hslps employees to accept and adapt to change. • Builds relationship with customers, peers and project team members and this allows for easy delegation and gains the “buy-in” from employees which also enable the acceptance of change. • Inspires and motivates. • Communicate openly, early and often. People fear change because it can be complex and they are moving away from their comfort zone. • Provides clear direction – Employees need to know where they are and where they are going. • Models the way for the team – Leqds by example in rder to build credibility and trust. • Creates opportunities for small wins – Rewards employees frequently and recognizes them as this boost morale to encourage success. 4. How would you assess the external environment and integrate this into the turn-around plan? Student must support their work with outside reliable sources. I would do some researching to find out if the external market changed since the product had been introduced, what my competition is doing, discuss the possibility of using a promotion or sales campaign to test the market for changes and consumer feedback. I would also assign a time line to the implementation of the test market and to the imlementation of the integration of the new product. I would find out exactly how the production of this product affect the
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