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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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1.)In devising appropriate evaluation procedures for science

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1.)In devising appropriate evaluation procedures for science teaching,which of the following should be considered before you begin,ask:a)is there enough time to develop+to have students complete an appropriate form of evaluation b)should evaluation be done during lesson or at the end of the unit of instruction c)Do I have adequate equipment for doing a performance evaluation d)should i use test supplies with the text or science program or develop my own e)does the procedure you select/develop actually determine the child`s ability to function,understand,problem-solve,and/or appreciate science 2)After completition of a unit on electricity,which question could you ask that would best exemplify reflective assessment a)what is serious circuit b)how much resistance will run across the wire if a 20-Watt bulb is in outlet c)Why is it important to have a car`s headlight wired in parallel instead of series d)what is parallel circuit e)what is the difference between volts and AMPS

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