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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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1.)Which best demonstrates that he/she is teaching to overcome

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1.)Which best demonstrates that he/she is teaching to overcome gender inequalities a)A divided the class into competive work teams of males+females thinking that same gender teams will perform better b)B has worked as research scientist +tries to bring her experience in her teaching,encouraging all students to participate in activities c)C create information bulletin boards,purchasing posters that feature scientists in white lab coats d)D searched for a textbook that was gender neutral +then just lectured from that for the year to avoid exposing the students to any gender biased material e)E engaged students in quiry lessons,frequently assigned the females the role of record keeper+material person.The males were asked to lead the activity team+ to report on their results more often than females.2)Students misconceptions can be revealed to the teacher most easily to a)supply item test b)fill-in-the-blank test c)matching test d)none of the above e)Student discussion+essay questions

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