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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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41.In the early 1980s, significant differences between competing computer products were thought by vendors to have _.a.competitive strengths b.competitive impact on competition between computer vendors real measurable differences between competing products 55.In the weighted point product evaluation method, ease of learning and ease of use are examples of which kind of criteria? a.Hardware/software features b.End user needs c.Support issues d.Cost. 56.In the weighted point evaluation method, if a product receives a vendor support score of 80 and the weight of the vendor support criterion is 10%, the product gets a weighted score of __points for vendor support.a.8 b. 10c.80 d.800. 57.In the weighted point evaluation method, the product that is usually selected is the one with _____.a.the lowest overall score b.the highest overall score c.the average score d.the score with the lowest cost

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