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1. what is the value of a common stock if the growth rate is

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1. what is the value of a common stock if the growth rate is 8%,the most recent dividend was $2, and investors required a 15% return?
2. what is the value of a preferred stock that pays an annual dividend of $4 a share if competitive yields are 5%?
3.perpetual preferred stock pays a dividend of $5 a year,and yields rise from 10% to 12%, the price of stock will? increase in investors required return will cause the value of common stock to?
5.if the required rate of return is 8%,what is the value of a perpetual preferred stock that pays a fixed dividend of $2?
6. common stock cost $40.50 the current dividend is $1.50, and the growth in the value of the shares and dividends is 8%, what is the annual rate of return on an investment in this stock?
7. what is the value of $100 par preferred stock that must retire after 10yrs if pays a dividend of $5 annually,an requires a 6% rate of return.
8. the value of common stock depends on?

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