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Target Market Selection 08085900 1. Just-in-time inventories

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Target Market Selection 08085900

1. Just-in-time inventories play an increasing role in manufacturing.

A similar inventory strategy in merchandising is called

A. electronic data interchange.

B. buyer-managed inventory.

C. vendor-managed inventory.

D. quick response.

2. Knowing which of the following would be most helpful for

distinguishing consumer products, business products, and

commercial products from one another?

A. Where the products are being sold

B. Who buys the products and why

C. The prices of the products

D. How much it costs to produce the products

3. Which one of the following would be an example of internal marketing?

A. A customer service training program for a company's employees

B. A special deal for trade-ins at a car dealership

C. A limited-time sales promotion at a local store

D. A money-back rebate for trying a new product

4. Which of the following is best classified as a business product as opposed to a

consumer product?

A. A file cabinet purchased by a homeowner for use in her home-based TV-repair business

B. A milkshake purchased in a McDonald's restaurant by one of the restaurant's employees

C. A silicon ingot purchased by Intel Corporation for use in making computer chips

D. Advertising fliers purchased by a new furniture store for use in announcing the store's

grand opening

5. Selling in-ground swimming pools to homeowners is probably an example of

A. transaction-based marketing. C. relationship marketing.

B. planned obsolescence. D. real estate sales.

6. A firm may capture most of the total market by satisfying the specific needs of

A. the consumer market. C. the organizational market.

B. influential market segments. D. mass markets.

7. Two rival manufacturers of computer central processing units agree that when one is faced

with a tight production deadline, the other will help it fill its orders. This is an

example of a

A. horizontal alliance with ownership.

B. vertical alliance without ownership.

C. horizontal alliance without ownership.

D. vertical alliance with ownership.

8. In its advertising campaign, a company decides to exploit the cohort effect in reaching

certain consumers. Which method of segmenting consumer markets is this company

relying on?

A. Demographic segmentation C. Psychographic segmentation

B. Geographic segmentation D. Product-related segmentation

9. The purpose of the revised VALS system is to make use of _______ segmentation.

A. geographic C. primary

B. niche D. psychographic

10. An online apparel company might perform a marketing cost analysis to evaluate the

A. effectiveness of its Web site.

B. cost of shipping to customers.

C. profitability of its new line of travel clothes.

D. number of returns due to poor fit.

11. A gourmet dog food company each year published FifiTells, a collection of cute or amazing

pedigreed dog stories. This is an attempt to create a ______ bond with its customers.

A. structural C. financial

B. social D. transactional

12. Which of the following is an example of secondary data?

A. Online surveys of an Internet retailer's customers

B. Questionnaires filled out by a test audience for a new film

C. Taste-test results for a new flavor of soda

D. Demographic data on college enrollment in a region

13. A yoga instructor estimates she can keep a new student for 36 weeks at a fee of $30 per

week. If it costs her $120 to acquire this new student, what is her rate of return?

A. 3.3 times C. 6 times

B. 4 times D. 8 times

14. One of the techniques available to marketers for market segmentation is

A. combining the overall market into a large heterogeneous group on the basis

of population.

B. developing a behavioral profile, or psychographic study, of the consumer.

C. charting consumer consumption of competing products.

D. observing growth levels of related industries.

15. Marketers often use a step-by-step decision process in selecting the segments they

should target in their marketing campaigns. Within this five-stage decision process, when

would you forecast the market potential that you can expect from a particular segment?

A. Before describing the typical customer in that segment

B. In the last stage of the decision process

C. In the first stage of the decision process

D. After describing the typical customer in that segment

16. A grocery store might use data mining techniques to

A. improve the quality of the produce it sells.

B. decide what products to include in its holiday promotion.

C. decide on an advertising strategy.

D. design store layout for renovations.

17. To be effective, market segmentation must meet which of the following criteria?

A. Avoid focusing on nonvariables such as profitability and volume.

B. The market segment must be measurable in terms of both purchasing power and size.

C. The company must expand beyond its marketing capabilities in order to capture

growing markets.

D. The market segment must reflect changing attitudes and lifestyles.

18. The Delphi technique would be most appropriate for which of the following

sales forecasts?

A. Next winter's best-selling fashions

B. What price level is appropriate for a new product

C. What microbrews are most popular in Texas

D. Which cell-phone technology will become the standard

19. A Sierra Club Visa Card would be an example of

A. database marketing. C. an affinity program.

B. frequency marketing. D. a strategic partnership.

20. Which of the following market research techniques would be most appropriate for use

in Bangladesh?

A. Face-to-face interviews C. Phone surveys

B. Mail surveys D. Online surveys

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