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45. Which of the following would not result in unearned revenue a. Rent

Resolved Question:

45. Which of the following would not result in unearned revenue?
a. Rent collected in advance from tenants
b. Services performed on account
c. Sale of season tickets to football games
d. Sale of two-year magazine subscriptions

46. Which one of the following is not an objective of a system of internal controls?
a. Safeguard company assets
b. Overstate liabilities in order to be conservative
c. Enhance the accuracy and reliability of accounting records
d. Reduce the risks of errors

47. All of the following are examples of internal control procedures except
a. using prenumbered documents.
b. reconciling the bank statement.
c. customer satisfaction surveys.
d. insistence that employees take vacations.

48. Which of the following is not a limitation of internal control?
a. Cost of establishing control procedures should not exceed their benefit
b. The human element
c. Collusion
d. The size of the company

49. Companies that fail to maintain an adequate system of internal control
a. may be subject to charges of fraud.
b. will be automatically dissolved.
c. may be subject to fines and officer imprisonment.
d. may be forced to sell their assets.
50. Two individuals at a retail store work the same cash register. You evaluate this situation as
a. a violation of establishment of responsibility.
b. a violation of separation of duties.
c. supporting the establishment of responsibility.
d. supporting internal independent verification.

51. In a small business, the lack of certain separations of duties can best be overcome by
a. bonding the employees.
b. getting the owner actively involved.
c. hiring only honest employees.
d. holding one person responsible for a given set of transactions.

60. Horizontal analysis is a technique for evaluating a series of financial statement data over a period of time
a. that has been arranged from the highest number to the lowest number.
b. that has been arranged from the lowest number to the highest number.
c. to determine which items are in error.
d. to determine the amount and/or percentage increase or decrease that has taken place.
64. Vertical analysis is a technique that expresses each item in a financial statement
a. in dollars and cents.
b. as a percent of the item in the previous year.
c. as a percent of a base amount.
d. starting with the highest value down to the lowest value.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Neo replied 8 years ago.

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