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introduction to biology,

Customer Question

1) How does mitosis in plant cell differs from that in animals cells

a) Animals cell don't form a spindle

b) Animal cell lack a cell plate

c)Plant cells lack plate

d) Plants cells lack centerioles

2)Polygenic inheritance can explain

a) A range of phenotype among the offspring

b) the occurence of degree of dominance

c) incomplete dominance

d)pleiotropy syndrome

3) which of these is true of meiosis?

a) n---->n

b) n-----> 2



4)The genetic sickle cell disease is an example of

a. pleiotropy

b.heterozygous dominance


d.homozygous dominance

5) which one of the following genotypes causes klinefelter syndrome?

a. XY

b. XX

c. XXY


6) The phase of cell division in which the nuclear envelopes and nucleolus are disappearing as the spindle fibers are appearing is called

a. anaphase

b. prophase

c. telophase

d. metaphase

7) Which one of the following phrase best describe the human karyotypes

a. 46 pairs of autosomes

b. sex chromosomes along with 23 pairs of autosomes

c. one pair of sex chromosomes and 22 pairs of autosomes

d. x and y chromosomes and 22 pairs of autosomes

8) Autosomes are ------chromosomes

a .haploid

b. non -sex

c. homologous

d. abnormal

9) when you notice that someone has usually blue eye you've noticed their

a .allele

b. hybridization



10) which one of the following statement about mitosis is correct?

a. It's part of the process of oogenesis

b. it forms two daughter cells

c. it creates haploid nuclei

d. it consist of two parts mitosis I and mitosis II


a mRNA is still in the nucleus

B. rRNAs exposes their anticodons

c.DNA is being replicated

d.tRNASs are bringing amino acid to the ribosomes

12) Two organisms each with the genotypes TtGg mates.The chance of producing an offspring that has the dominnt phenotype for the height (T) and THE RECESSIVE PHENOTYPE FOR THE COLOR(g) is

a. 3/16

b. 7/16

c. 9/16


13. A parent with type AB blood could not produce a child with type

a. A




14)which ONE OF THE FOLLOWING STRANDS OF dna is the complement strand to C-C-A-T-C-G ?

a. G-G-T-A-G-C




15)Whcih chromosomal mutation result in alagille syndrome

a. Inversion

b. Translocation




a. post-transcription

b. Translation

c. Transcription

d. post-translation

17) A women who isn't colorblind but has an allele for color blindness reproduces with a man who has normal vision .What is the chance that they 'll have a colorblind daughter?

a. 50%


c.. 100%
d. 0%

18) a recessive allele t is responsible for a condition called distonia .A man who has this condition marries a woman who doesn't .One of their four children has the condition . what are the possible genetypes of the man and the woman ?(hint: To HELP YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION ,CREATE A pUNNETT SQUARE FOR EACH POSSIBILITY.)

a. the father is Tt :the mother is TT

b.the father is tt: the mother is TT

c.Both parents are TT

D.the father is tt; the mother is Tt

19) If a piece of DNA break s off from the chromosome and attaches itsellf to a non homologous chromosome at another location what type of change has occured

a. Inversion

b. duplication



20)Which one of the following is a characterisitc of cancer cells ?

a. They 're usually either nerve cells or cardicac muscle cells.

b. They result in uncontrolled growth

c. They have a specialized structur and function

d. they can't travel to other parts of the body

21) From the cross Aa x Aa the probability of producing a homozygous dominant

a. 25%


c.75 %

D. 100%

22) Genomics is

a. a sequence of mutuant gene

b. the study of the human genome

c. the study of cellular protein structures

d. a mechanism used in DNA fingerprinting

23) nondisjunction is the

a. exchange of chromosome pieces

b. failure of chromosome pairs to separate completely

c. loss of a piece of a chromosome

d. repetitive replication of the same piece of a chromosome

24) if a cell has 18 chromosome s, how many chromosome would each daughter cell have after mitosis

a. 9

b. 18

c. 36

d. The number can't be determined

examination : 05040200

1) Which of the following is inaccurate in relation to viruses?

a) They have nucleic acid core

b) They feature a capsid

c) They seek out a specific host

d) They reproduce independently

2) Which Structure develops into a pollen grain

a) Microspore

b) Anther

c) Megaspore

d) Archegonium

3) According to the theory of evolution bird's feathers evolved from

a. fish fins

b. gill slits

c. reptile scales

d. gill arches

4) What type of skeleton help an earthworm to move

a. Exoskeleton

b. Hydrostatic Skeleton

c. Bony endoskeleton

d. Spiny plates

5)Organism that can interbreed and bear fertile off spring are considered to be in the same

a. order

b. family

c. class

d. species

6) Most Fungi are

a. Saprotrophic

b. plant parasites

c. producers

d. unicellular

7) -------- is /are the raw material of evolutionary change

a. Genetic drift

b. Mutations

c. Nonrandom mating

d. Assortative mating

8) The Term molting refers to the

a. circulating of blood through a closed system

b. movement with joine appendages

c. shedding of exoskeletons

d. process of sexual reproduction

9) What is the function of a nematocyst

a. Prey capture

b. sensory preception

c. Locomotion

d. Digestion

10) In the lytic cycle the term maturation refers to the

a. translation of DNA

B.integration of DNA

C.assembly of parts to produce viral particles

d. penetration of the host cell wall

11) Darwin argued that the beak size and shape of galapagos finch species was related to their:

a. body size

b. flight pattern

c. food source

d.time of reproduction

12) You have a chart that illustrates a series of species with the common ancestor

this chart is called a/ an

a. Fossil record

b. flight pattern

c. food source

d. time of reproduction

13) what is the function of the water vascular system in echinoderms

a. excretion

b. feedings

c. locomotion

d. protection

14) which one of the following statements present a condition of the Hardy Weinberg principle

a. Gene Flow is present

b. Genetic drift occurs

c.Random mating occurs

d. Mutations are present

15) Which of the following is an invertebrate

a. lancelet

b. Lamprey

c. Shark

d.Duck billed platypus

16) In evolution the study of vertebrate forelimbs is related to ------ evidence .

a. biogeographical

b. anatomical

c. biochemical

d. fossil

17) The distinction between protostomes and deuterostomes is based on differences in their

a.digestive tracts

b. nervous systems

c. embryological developments

d. circulatory systems

18) Which of the following is not a form of genetic recombination in bacteria

a. conjugation

b. Transduction

c. Transformation

d. Binary fission

19) Industrial melanism is an example of -------- selection

a. directional

b. disruptive

c. sexual

d. stabilizing

20) Acquisition of the same or similar characteristics in distantly related lines of descent is called.

a. evolution

b. convergent evolution

c. evolution by natural selection

d. evolution by mutuation

21) Darwin reasoned that if the world is very old then

a. taxonomy will have to give up the binomial system of nonenclature

b. evolution couldn't have occured

c. geological changes occur over relatively brief periods of time

d. there was time for evolution to occur

22) Which one of the following statements describes a characteristic of amoeboids

a. They never have a shell

b. they always live in fresh water

c. they have pseuopods

d. they're animals

23) Which one of the following pairs represent a correction association

a. Mollusc- spider

b. Annelid- earthworm

c. Mollusc-Leech

Annelid - Octopus

24) The frequency of the dark form of peppered moth increased in industrial areas of ENGLAND during the nineteenth century.this was because

a. Predatory birds changed their preference from the light to the dark form

b. The light form was more sensitive to deteriorating environmental conditions

c. birds couldn't see the dark-colored moths on the trees darkened by industry

d. the allele for dark color is dominant to that for light color .

25) Which one of the following plants is nonvascular

a. moss

b. cycad

c. fern

d. Rosebush

examination 05040300

1) What happens when the lungs recoil

a. Ribs and diaphragm muscle contract

b. Inspiration occurs

c. Internal respiration occurs

d. Expiration occurs

2) In plants, the purpose of auxins is to

a. produce phytochrome

b. cause plant dormancy

c. bring about apical dominance

d. regulate abscission

3) The purpose of nervous tissue is

a. communication

b. protection

c. movement

d. support

4) In vitro fertilzation take place in

a. The vagina

b. a laboratory

c. a surrogate mother

d. the uterius

5) what is the main cause of transpiration in plant

a. The tendency of water molecules to stay together

b. Rupture of tracheid in xylem tissue

c. The drying power of air

d. The Mycorrhizal association

6) Which one of the following statements accurately describes a characteristic of red blood cells

a. They're agents of inflammation

b.They're convex disks with a large nucleus

c. they transport oxygen to all the cell of the body

d. They lack hemoglobin

7) In plant what types of tissue is responsible fro transporting water and nutrients

a. Epidermal

b. Ground

c. Vascular

d. Meristem

8) One jon of the kidney is to

a. regulate the pH of the blood

b. Increase the salt and water balance in the blood

c. produce ureas from amino group and ammonia

d. destroy old red blood cells

9) a. sodium ions moves to the inside of a neuron

b. sodium ions move to the outside of a neuron

c. Potassium ions moves to the inside of a neuron

d. Potassium ions moves to the outside of a neuron

10) Cells with similar structures and functions work together to form

a. organ

b. tissues

c. systems

d. organisms

11) In the context of vision the blind spot is

a. an area of the retina where there are no rods or cones

b. a non transparent area on the lens

c. a non transparent areas on the cornea

d. an area of th retina where rods and cones are concentrated

12) which one of the following nutrients is not a source of energy for the body

a .Lipids

b. Carbohydrates

c. vitamins

d. proteins

13) in the urinary systme reabsorption occurs primilary ar the

a. nephron capsule

b. proximal tubule

c. nephron loop

d. distal tubule

14) Annual rings in woody stem are caysed by an increase in rings of the

a. primary phloem

b. secondary phloem

c. primary xylem

d.secondary xylem

15)Which series best illustrate the pathway of blood flow in a closed circulatory system

a. Heart, arteries, capillaries, veins

b. Heart, arteries , veins ,capillaries

c. Heart, veins, arteries , capillaries

d. Heart, veins, capillaries, arteries

16) Allergies are caused by

a . strong toxins in the environment

b. autoimmune disease

c. reactions to antigens

d. ingesting IgA in breast milk

17) which one of the folowing statemen is true regarding voluntary and involuntary responses

a. voluntary responses originate in the sensory receptors

b. voluntary responses control the activity of gland

c. Involuntary responses are only part of the autonomice systems

d. involuntary responses may include the spinal cord and not the brain

18) The chamber of the heart that receives blood from the pulmonary veins is the

a. rigth atrium

b. left atrium

c. right ventricle

d. left ventricle

19) In the process of fetal development the ------- develops first

a. blastocyst

b. morula

c. blastocoel

d. gastrula

20) Which one of the following component make up the largest portion of plasma

a. proteins

b. salt

c. water

d. wastes

examination 05040400

1) Study the following food chain, grass---->rabbit----->snakes---->hawks.From this chain you can correctly assume that each population.

a. is always larger than the one before it

b. support the next trophic level a species of herbivore a carnivore

2) if the birth date is 10 per 1,000 and the death rate is 20 per 1,000 then the growth rate is

a. 100 %
b. 20 %



3) which of the following activities prevent sediment from reaching the coast

a. Building dames

b. building groins

c.filling in wetlands

d. constructing seawalls

4) which one of the following phrases describe the countries of ASIA and Africa

a. MDCs experiencing rapid population growth

b.LDCs experiencing rapid population growth

c.MDCs experiencing slow population growth

d.LDCs experiencing slow population growth

5) which of the following characteristics is representative of an opportunistic population

a. It's regulated by density-dependent effect

b. it manifest logistic population growth

c.its members have a high dispersal capacity

d. its members are slow to mature

6) The most common cause of desertification is



c.the construction of dams

d. overgrazing

7) Which one of the following interspecies relationships has a negative effect on both species.

a. competiton



d, commensalism

8) During exponential growth the rate of growth

a. remains steady overtime

b.starts slowly and then accelerates

c. declines consistently over time

d. starts quickly and then level off

9) A community is made up of

a. members of a given population

b.plant populations of a given area

c.populations of a given area

d.organisms of the same species

10) which of the following does not describe an MDC.

a. It's highly industrializes

b.its age structure diagram resemle a pyramid has undergone the demographic transition

d. it generally experiences replacement reproduction

11) which one of the following condition is an example of resource partitioning

a. Two species of birds that eat fruit from the same tree

b.Two species of mice- one that eats seeds; the other that eats insects

c.Two species of squirrels-one that eats acorns from the branches; one that eats acorn that have fallen to the ground.

d.A species of butterfly and a species of bee that pollinate the same flower

12) which of the following is a renewable resource

a. land


c. fossil fuels

d. water

13) The process of chemical cycling is known as a biogeochemical cycle because it

a. absords the chemical involved from the sediment

b. takes place over a long period of time

c.involves both living and non living components

d.withdraws the chemical from the atmosphere as a gas

14) which of these is an indirect value of biodiversity

a. regulation of climate

b.Agricultural value

c.Medicinal value

d.consumptive use value

15) which one of the following pollutants is responsible for the increase in skin cancer

a, Nitric acid

b. Polychlorinated hydrocarbons


d. chlorine monoxide from automobiles

16) Among human populations, the primary use of fresh water is for

a. drinking and cooking

b. flushing toilets

c. energy

d. agriculture and industry

17) A source from which organism generally take elements is called a/an

a. reservoir

b. biotic community pool web

18) the nitrogen utilized by most plants is derived from

a. the atmosphere

b. soil

c. nitrogen gas

d. decayed organic matter

19) The life history pattern in which population growth is logistic called

a. equilibrium population

b.biotic potential

c.opportunistic population

d.population density

20) The result of the green revolution was

a. the protection of species diversity

b. the conservation of topsoil increased reliance on polyculture agriculture increase in the yield of crops for less developed countries

21) in which relationship do both species benefit

a. commensalism

b. mutualism



22) Rising sea level and changes in weather pattern are possible outcomes of

a. imbalances in the carbon cycle

b. the greenhouse effect

c.leaching of phosphorus from sediments

d.water loss to the atmosphere

23) A complex of interconnected food chains in an ecosystem is called a/ an


b.ecological pyramid

c.trophic stack web

24) Modern fishing practices threaten biodiversity primarily through the

a. accidental capture of unwanted species

b. physical destruction of marine habitats

c. removal of community food supplies

d. chemical poisoning of the water

25) which of the followinf factors will have a greater impact on a population as the density of that population increase

a. climate

b. predation

c. natural disaster

d. weather


9)Which one of the following event occurs first in a nerve impulse.

a. sodium ions moves to the inside of a neuron

b. sodium ions move to the outside of a neuron

c. Potassium ions moves to the inside of a neuron

d. Potassium ions moves to the outside of a neuron

21) villi serve to

a. increase surface area for the purpose of absorption

b. increase the synthesis of enzymes

c.speed up the elimination of water

d. speed up the loss of water from the body

22) during development an embryo is embedded in the

a .cervix

b. endomentrium

c. vagina

d. ovary

23) How many cotyledons would be found in a flowering plant with nine petals on each flower and long leaves with [arallel leaf veins

a. zero


d. three

24) During plant development one function of the cotyledon is to

a. protect the embryo as it develops inside a seed

b. serve as a seed leaf to carry on photosynthesis

c. supply food to the developing embryo

d. become the seed coat

25) too much calcium in a person diet may result in

a. heart attack

b. dehydration

c. high blood pressure

d. kidney stone

Exam 40577100

Questions 1-25: Select the one best answer to each question.

1. In search of the most likely causes of dyslexia, you're most likely

to get satisfying answers fromA. scientists who study genetic disorders.B. environmental analysts.C. medical records indicating oxygen deprivation at birth.D. fetal tissue indicators of chromosomal abnormalities.

2. When you fail to remember something due to retrieval failure,

the fault is likely to reside inA. short-term memoryB. sensory input errors.C. long-term memory.D. one of the sensory registers.

3. Through the years of middle childhood, _______ motor skills are improving steadily as

pathways between the _______ and the cortex become increasingly myelinated and

reaction time gets better and better.A. gross; cerebellum C. fine; medullaB. reactive; hands D. coordinated; muscles

4. Paul is performing creatively when his approach to building a tree house involves

_______ thinking.A. situational C. problem-focusedB. divergent D. convergent

5. Brian may be _______ normal, but suffer from cultural-familial retardation if he hasn't

developed behaviors appropriate to his age.A. highly C. biologicallyB. socially D. academically

6. Because June's weight exceeds the norm by _______, her pediatrician considers

her obese.A. 10% C. 20%B. 15% D. 25%

7. Research indicates that children reared in gay or lesbian householdsA. may be more likely to become transsexuals.B. tend to be superior in academic achievement.C. tend to be as well adjusted as children raised by heterosexuals.D. are only slightly more likely to become gay or lesbian as adults.

8. Research indicates that the hunger drive is most closely associated withA. external cues, such as the presence of food.B. a person's normal blood sugar level.C. a child's stage of physical development.D. the amount of fat accumulated in adipose tissue.

9. Louis Thurstone's concept of _______ mental abilities is to factor theories of intelligence

as Gardner's ideas about intelligence are to bodily-kinesthetic, verbal, and other kinds

of intelligence.A. elemental C. generalB. primary D. special

10. Dr. Maxim explains to Katie's mother that an important factor in Katie's depression is her

attributional style. If Katie's mother is informed, she may properly say,A. "I see. So you think she blames her failures on others."B. "Yes, Katie does blame herself inappropriately."C. "I see. Then you'll want to adjust her serotonin levels."D. "Yes, she is rebellious more often than obedient."

11. Piaget is to moral realism as Kohlberg is toA. conventional morality. C. pre-conventional morality.B. moral dilemmas. D. autonomous moral judgement.
12. Which of the following statements concerning physical attractiveness is true?

A. It's more important for the popularity of boys than of girls.

B. It actually decreases a girl's popularity.C. It's related to increased social anxiety in boys but not in girls.D. It gives a child a better chance of being popular with peers.

13. If a teacher is led to believe that little Alice-selected at random-is a bright child about to

bloom, we can assume thatA. Alice is, indeed, bright.B. Alice's performance is likely to improve.C. Alice, like Pygmalion, will suffer from low self-esteem.D. Alice will be victimized by a self-fulfilling prophecy.

14. Over the last two years, Marilou has gained 6 pounds, Max has gained 11 pounds, Lev

has gained 8 pounds, and Karen has gained 18 pounds. Which of the children's weight

gain is average for middle childhood?A. Karen C. LevB. Max D. Marilou

15. Regarding the effects of divorce on children, one can most accurately say thatA. parental conflicts over child-raising strategies have little effect if the child lives with

the mother.B. any child raised by a single parent will be seriously disadvantaged by comparison

with children of intact families.C. a father's continuation of financial support after a divorce isn't very important to

children these days since most mothers have jobs.D. a child raised by a single mother will do about as well as a child in an intact family

if the mother's education and emotional health are strong.

16. Simon is dyslexic, and a physician explains to his mother that a part of his brain,

the _______, may be related to his failure to coordinate words and letters seen on

a page to sounds.A. angular gyrus C. medullaB. hypothalamus D. hippocampus

17. When we find gender differences in physical performance before puberty, they're largely

due toA. biological variables.B. the child's socialization.C. dramatic differences in brain structure.D. differences in growth patterns that will even out by middle adolescence.

18. Having taken the SBIS, Terry is found to have mental age of eight and a chronological

age of six. His I.Q. score will be aboutA. 110. C. 120.B. 75. D. 130.

19. Which of the following statements about ADHD is most accurate?A. It's more common in adolescence than in middle childhood.B. It tends to cause some degree of brain damage.C. It tends to run in families.D. Where you find ADHD, you aren't likely to find other kinds of learning disorders.

20. We can most accurately say of conduct disorders thatA. coercive punishment in the preschool years isn't normally associated with later

conduct disorders.B. they tend to persist in some form or other into adolescence and beyond.C. cognitive-behavioral techniques nearly always eliminate conduct disorders.D. they're not normally associated with traits inherited from biological parents.

21. A child who has been taught to read through the phonetic methodA. has a decoding method when encountering new words.B. will be able to understand the errors in a local dialect.C. may be unable to decode meanings through simple word recognition.D. will, as an adult, depend on these skills when reading familiar words.

22. Ronald is one of those kids that other kids call on to help settle their disputes. It's

not that he's more popular than Amanda is; he just seems to know what needs to be

done. In Robert Sternberg's view, Ronald is likely to score well on an assessment of

his _______ intelligence.A. analytical C. emotionalB. practical D. creative

Examination, Lesson 5 189

23. When, at age 11, Mark becomes aware of how his memory works, we would say he

has developedA. an elaborative strategy. C. a capacity for rehearsal.B. a semantic coding ability. D. metamemory.

24. What happens as children progress into middle childhood?A. They rate their friends as their best source of emotional support.B. Their self-concept becomes more differentiated.C. Conflict with parents and/or caregivers increases dramatically.D. Conflict with parents and/or caregivers decreases dramatically.

25. You and Taye are discussing the causes of obesity. As an informed person, you have to

disagree with your friend when he asserts that a major factor in obesity is

A. gender. C. environment.B. physiology. D. genetic inheritance
73 days and 4 hours ago.

examination 40577200

1) The research suggest that with regard to identity formation men and women

a. consider occupational choices differently

b.intergrate family issue into career planning

c.begin identity formation at different age

d.develop identity and intimacy similarly

2) Which of the following is a symptom of the most common STI among teens

a.painful,reddish bumps in the genital area

b.involves thick discharge and burning during urination for men

c.opportunistic infection are common

d. vaginal discharge and frequent painful urination for women

3)which statement most accurately differentiates substances dependence from substances aduse

a.substances dependence involves ongoing use of a drug despite the problem it causes in the pension 's functioning

b.with substance dependence the individual uses the drug daily

c. substance dependence involves a physical addiction

d.with substance dependence the amount the person plays a minor role

4)The most effective juvenille delinquency prevention program include

a. boot camp skill training

c.vocational training

d. family theraphy

5) Jamal just recently disclosed to his friend that he's gay .most likely he's a/an -------

year old

a. 14




6) one of the main reasons girls have more difficulty than boys tranistioning from elementary to high school is that they experience

a.higher social needs

b.earlier onset of puberty

c.slower maturation adolescent growth spurt

7) Bankers and accountant are most likely to fall under Hollands----- personality type

a. conventional




8) Which statement most accurately reflects the research on adolescent employment

a. The number of hours worked affects adolescent well being

b.The benefit of employment far out weigh the negative effect

c. Most adolescent report positive effects of employment

d. Adolescent employment frequently help pay for college

9) The system responsible for releasing sex hormones during puberty is the

a. pituitary system



d.adrenal system

10) Ann a college freshman has chosen engineering as her major because her father told her that a degree in engineering would lead to better paying jobs upon graduation .she most likely at which of Marcia's identity statuses

a. Foreclosure

b. Moratorium

c. diffusion

d. Identity achievement

11) The group at greatest risk for death during adolescence is ------- adolescent

a. younger female

b. older female

c. younger male

d.older male

12) Research over the last decade has shown that the percentage of high school students engaging in sexual intercourse

a. is on the rise

b. has remained the same

c. is on the decline

d. varies

13) The primary difference between anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa is that anorexics



c.engage in excessive excercise dramatic weight loss

14) Studies on the development of sexual orientation highlight the importance of

a. genetic


c.prenatal hormones

d. multiple factors

15) Which age group shows the lowest self esteem during childhood and adolescence

a.10-12 years old

b.13-15 years old

c. 16-18 years old

d. 19-21 years old

16) Mary felt euphoric,confident and alert after injecting a drug at a friends party.most likely she took



c. alcohol

d. heroin

17) an adolescent committed suicide by hanging .The adolescent is most likely a/an

a.Africian American male

b.Latino American Female

c. Native American Male

d. European American Male

18)Joe a high school junior is considering a career in medicine but he's unsure if he wants to commit himself to several more years of schooling .With whom is he most likely to consult with on this issue

a. Best Friend

b. Girlfriend


d.Guidance Counselor

19) The ability to solve abstract problem such as those found in algebra and high mathematics is influenced by both development and

a. genetics

b. societal factors

c. health

d.cognitive style

20) In general research shows that the impact of early maturation in girls is

a. more positive than negative

b. more negative than positive

c. both positive and negative

d. the same as boys

21) From research on moral development which statement most accurately reflects a main criticism of kohlberg's theory

a. he failed to account for sociocultural influences on moral development

b. Moral development is universal but doesn't develop in stages

c. moral development is neither universal nor stagelike

d. His theory account for moral development in adults but not in children

22) Individual who are less than age 21 commit approximately ---------% of serious crimes


b. 25

c. 30

d. 40

23)consistent with notable trends during the adolescent growth spurt you'd expect the average 12 year old girl to be ---- than the average 12 year old boy

a. taller and heavier

b. shorter and heavier

c, taller and lighter

d.shorter and lighter

24) Susan is a 16 year old female who recently ended up in the emergency room after accidentally overdosing on a combination of alchol and painkiller .which terms best describes the types of belief which may have led to this outcome

a. imaginary audience


c.Personal fables


25) Which statement best summarizes the research on teenage pregnancy prevention

a.Sex education is associated with increased sexual activity among teens

b. sex education is associated with decreases in teenage pregnancy rates

c. sex education is associated with delayed sexual activity among teens

d. sex education has minimal impact on sexual activity or teenage pregnancy rates

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