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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
Category: Homework
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Becoming a Master Student says the truth about grades is that

Customer Question

Becoming a Master Student says the truth about grades is that grades are a measure of (Points: 5)
Your ability to be a well accomplished in a course
How well you do on a test.
What you have learned in a course.
Your intelligence

2. You should first review material that involves simple memorization (Points: 5)
During major review sessions
During monthly review sessions
During weekly review sessions
During short daily reviews

3. A study checklist works in helping you review material by (Points: 5)
Using complete descritions of theories and formulas.
Reviewing all math problems in detail.
Acting as a review sheet.
Creating a to-do list of each item to study

4. Predicting test questions can do more thean get you a better grade. It can also (Points: 5)
Keep you focused on the prupose of a course.
Eliminated the need to study.
Remind you to celebrate mistakes.
Manage job stress

5. When taking a test, the best way to begin is to (Points: 5)
Read the directions quickly.
Ask yourself,"How much did I study for this test?"
Scan the whole test immediately.
Jot down memory aids on a separate sheet of paper

6. During the test you should (Points: 5)
Pay attention to verbal directions given as a test is distributed.
Answer the most difficult questions first.
Stay with a question until you can answer it.
Review the test and change any answers you are not sure of

7. When answering an essay question, you should (Points: 5)
Use filler sentences to make your answer longer.
Write on both sides of the paper.
Include part of the question in your answer.
Leave the best points for last.

8. When answering multiple-choice questions (Points: 5)
Choose the first answer that you think is right.
Answer the questions in your head before looking at the choices.
Look for the most unusual answers.

9. Math and science anxiety stem from the fact that (Points: 5)
If you can't explain how you got an answer, you've failed.
There is only one right way to do a problem or experiment.
Our mental pictures of scientists and mathematicians can be untrue.
Math calls only for logic, not imagination

10. The truth about math and science is (Points: 5)
If you struggle with algebra, you will never learn calculus.
They ar both cumulative subjects.
You can skip ahead to more difficult concepts if you study harder.
They ar e subjects best studied on your own.

11. Cramming for an examination (Points: 5)
Helps you to learn material faster.
Saves you time when studying.
Should be used just to make the best of the situation.
Works best wehn you cover al the material quickly

12. Cheating lowers our self concept because (Points: 5)
It sends us the message that we are not smart enought to make it on our own.
We fear being caught and this increase our stress.
Cheating on tests can make it easier to violate our intergrity again.
Exam week should be considered fun.

13. In the Power Process "Detach," the idea of "giving up and addiction' means (Points: 5)
Giving up your identity.
Giving up your current goals.
Keeping current circumstances in perspective.
Denying your long-term goals.

14. You can apply cooperative learning skills to working on project teams by (Points: 5)
Studying for tests with co-workers.
Combining the individual skills of team members in complementary ways.
LKimiting groups to ten people.
Dealing with your thoughts before attending meetings.

15. A study check-list is the same thing as a review sheet. (Points: 5)

16. Test anxiety is difficult to handle, but never severe (Points: 5)

17. You not are more likely to keep a schedule of study if you joind a study group (Points: 5)

18. It is not a good idea to monitor your time during an essay question. (Points: 5)

19. Open book test should be approached by preparing throughly and flagging key materials in your notes. (Points: 5)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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