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10) A college received a contribution to its endowment fund

Customer Question

10) A college received a contribution to its endowment fund of $2 million. They can never touch the principal, but they can use the earnings. At an assumed interest rate of 9.5 percent, how much can the college earn to help its operations each year?
A) $95,000
B) $19,000
C) $190,000
D) $18,000

11) The ________ rate of interest creates equilibrium between the supply of savings and the demand for investment funds.
A) nominal
B) real
C) risk-free
D) inflationary

12) All of the following are examples of long-term debt EXCEPT
A) bonds.
B) lines of credit.
C) term loans.
D) debentures.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Falak Naz replied 7 years ago.

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