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11. All of the following are true about American psychology

Resolved Question:

11. All of the following are true about American psychology in the 1920s except

a. gestalt psychology became popular

b. most researchers had been converted to behaviorism by then

c. American psychologists became fully aware of the scope of Pavlov’s work for the

first time

d. logical positivism and operationism appeared on the scene
15. Why was logical positivism attractive to American experimental psychologists?

a. it provided a means to study unobservable entities and still remain “scientific”

b. it enabled researchers to avoid having to take unobservable entities into account

in their theorizing

c. researchers like facts, not theory, and this movement enabled them to avoid theory

d. it provided a way to reintroduce introspection into psychology, but to do it


16. According to the logical positivists,

a. unobservable theoretical entities can be studied as long as they are tied to observable


b. operational definitions are inadequate to capture the range of meanings that can be

associated with such terms as hunger

c. unobservable theoretical entities have no place in science

d. behaviorism can never be an adequate approach to science because it cannot account

for unobservable theoretical entities
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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