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11. You've just completed the coursework necessary to receive

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11. You've just completed the coursework necessary to receive a CDA credential. You're ready to apply for an assessment. You've decided you want to receive endorsement for infants and toddlers. In what environment would your assessment occur? A. State-licensed day care center B. Family day care home C. Private home using a home visitor D. Day care facility in a fitness center Read more: 13. You're attempting to teach Brian, a preschooler, how to arrange a group of five blocks from largest to smallest. First, you explain what you want him to do; then you do it yourself so he can see what he's supposed to do. As Brian attempts to arrange the blocks himself, you provide encouragement. When he's successful, you reward him with a star sticker. In this situation, you're using the _______ learning method. A. cognitive B. behavior C. developmental-interaction D. eclectic Read more:
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework