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Ethical Issue Facing Health Care Paper Find a current issue

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Ethical Issue Facing Health Care Paper

Find a current issue in a newspaper, magazine, or journal article relating to the objectives for Week Three, or related to your research ethics paper.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper that includes the following:

o    Describe the issue and the population it affects most.

o    Identify any proposed solutions to the issue.

o    Describe how the article uses current facts about the health care arena to support the issue or solutions.

o    Be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

o    Use APA format and cite at least three sources and references.

There is the week objectives
Administrative Ethical Issues
·        Analyze the history of administrative ethical issues and the impact on the current health care environment.

·        Identify the roles of institutional compliance and ethics committees and review boards.

·        Describe management’s responsibilities when dealing with administrative ethical issues.


1Administrative Ethical Issues
a.     Virtually all administrative problems that arise in managing health services organizations have ethical dimensions.

b.    Business ethics literature burgeoned in the 1980's

c.     Business ethics literature examines concepts such as honesty, integrity, and benevolence; duties employees have to each other and to the organization; and duties organizations have to employees

1)     These aspects are similar to those found in health care services

2)     Lacking, however, is the concept of respect for persons, with its emphasis on autonomy, fidelity, and confidentiality

3)     Beneficence isn’t a focus of business ethics either

d.    Health service professionals have a higher calling

1)     Codes of ethics assist in defining this calling and the duty of managers

2)     Reflects society’s view that the sick are a unique group, one with special status, that needs protection and is not to be exploited

e.     Issues of administrative ethics run the gambit from conflict of interest to governing body and medical staff relations to duty to the patient

f.     Difference between administrative and biomedical ethical issues

1)     Patient consent

2)     Administrative ethics are likely to affect patients as groups rather than as individuals and will affect the managers’ relationships with the organization, peers, profession, and community.

3)     Biomedical issues usually affect patients as individuals or as specific types.

4)     Often, administrative and biomedical ethical problems have an actual or potential effect on one another. The primary focus of each type of problem is usually different.

g.    Institutional Ethics Committees (IECs)

1)     Abortion selection committees

2)     Renal Dialysis – 1960's

3)     Broader role as time passed

a)     Quinlan

b)    President’s Commission published in 1983

c)     1990's surveys and commissions

4)     IECs now undertake generic activities such as policy development, education, case review, and guidance for individuals upon request

h.     Two roles of general importance

1)     Assist in developing or reconsidering the organizational philosophy and the derivative vision and mission statements

2)     Education – composition and members’ experience make it a reservoir of knowledge and experience

i.      Models for organizing ethics committees (Veatch)

1)     Autonomy Model – implements decisions of competent patients whose wishes are known

2)     Social justice model – grapples with broad issues such as organizational health care policy, resource allocation, and cost effectiveness

3)     Patient benefit model – makes decisions for patients who are unable to make decisions for themselves

j.      Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)

1)     Protects human subjects during health care research

2)     Required by some federal agencies when they grant funds for research

3)     Membership and Purpose of IRBs

4)     DHHS and FDA requirements

k.     Managers decisions are not excused because they are employees or because they were following orders

1)     Managers are morally accountable for what they do or do not do

2)     Managers must have a clear and well considered personal ethic – professional codes of ethics play a role but provide only general guidelines

l.      Conflicts of interest and fiduciary duty

m.   Ethical issues regarding organization and staff

1)     Organizational information

2)     Self-dealing

3)     Misuse of insider information

4)     Relationships with the governing body

5)     Relationships with the medical staff

6)     Relations with non-physician staff

7)     Physicians and credentialing

n.     Ethical issues regarding patients and community

1)     Maintaining confidential information

2)     Monitoring clinical activities

3)     Whistle blowing

a)     Activities by individuals

b)    Activities by the organization

4)     Accessing and improving quality of care

5)     Maintaining relations with the community



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