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EXAMINATION NUMBER 38181701 1. Which of the following

Resolved Question:

1. Which of the following documents would provide information on
a patient’s diagnosis?
A. Confidential patient information record
B. Ledger sheet
C. Medical treatment record
D. CPT-4
2. By signing an “Assignment of Benefits” statement, a patient is
A. authorizing a doctor to provide information to an insurance
carrier about his or her condition.
B. verifying that all information on the CPIR is accurate.
C. giving permission to the insurance carrier to pay the
physician or dentist directly.
D. accepting responsibility for payment of all medical bills.
3. In which of the following would you look to find the code for a diagnosis of emphysema?
A. ICD-9-CM manual C. CMS-1500
B. CPT-4 manual D. CPIR
4. Which of the following is the code for congestive heart failure?
A. 428 C. 428.1
B. 428.0 D. 428.9
5. The first thing you must do to code a patient’s diagnosis is
A. look up the diagnosis in the Tabular List.
B. find the main term in the Index to Diseases.
C. determine whether it’s a V-code or E-code.
D. look under neoplasm in the ICD-9-CM manual.
6. Which of the following is the correct code for chronic apical periodontitis?
A. 522.4 C. 523.4
B. 522.6 D. 523.3
7. The CPIR is used to
A. gather new patient information.
B. keep track of payments made to a physician’s office.
C. submit insurance claims.
D. record each patient’s visit to a physician’s office.
8. The code for a condition resulting from an auto accident is a/an
A. E-code. C. late-effect code.
B. V-code. D. hypertension code.
9. Which of the following is the correct code for candidal otitis externa?
A. 112.82 C. 380.10
B. 112.9 D. 382.9
10. The term malignant, when used in reference to hypertension, is a
A. treatable cancer.
B. cancer that has metastasized.
C. serious, life-threatening disease.
D. condition related to high blood pressure.
11. The term neoplasm refers to a/an
A. invasive carcinoma. C. encapsulated tumor.
B. malignant growth. D. growth of tissue.
12. The term used to describe why medical treatment is necessary is
A. morphology. C. adverse effect.
B. procedure. D. diagnosis.
13. The physician you work for performed a bilateral epididymectomy with reduced services.
Which of the following codes would you include on the CMS-1500 for this procedure?
A. 54860 C. 54861
B. 54860-52 D. 54861-52
14. An adverse effect is a condition that develops as a result of
A. a recent illness.
B. a long-standing illness.
C. the improper use of medication or drugs.
D. the proper use of medication or drugs.
15. Which of the following terms has the same meaning as subscriber?
A. Gatekeeper C. Practitioner
B. Insured D. Established patient
16. How many codes are needed to correctly code accidental poisoning by consuming
noxious mushrooms?
A. 1 C. 3
B. 2 D. 4
17. What does it mean when you find a three-digit code highlighted in the Tabular List?
A. You must confirm the code in the Index to Diseases.
B. You must add a decimal point to the code and at least one more digit.
C. You must include a separate code from the CDT-2 manual.
D. You must include a modifier, such as -50, with the code.
18. Which of the following is the code for traumatic thumb amputation?
A. 886.0 C. 885.0
B. 886.1 D. 885.1
19. Which of the following is the correct code for secondary malignant hypertension due to
renal embolism?
A. 405.01 C. 405.09
B. 405.11 D. 405.19
20. A patient is suffering from a severe rash that’s a reaction to a medication prescribed by a
physician. To find the correct E-code for this situation, what column should you use in the
Table of Drugs and Chemicals?
A. Poisoning C. Therapeutic Use
B. Accident D. Undetermined

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