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1. If the market rate of the interest for bonds is less than

Customer Question

1. If the market rate of the interest for bonds is less than the rate printed on the face of the bonds, then the bonds will be issued at (Points: 2)
        a discount
        a premium
        their face value
        their face value less the interest rate printed on the face of the bonds

2. The direct investment made by stockholders in a corporation is known as (Points: 2)
        retained earnings
        donated capital
        contributed capital
        charter capital

3. The par value of stock is (Points: 2)
        the same as market value
        always greater than market value
        no longer required
        the nominal value assigned to each share by a corporation

Blue Waters Sailing had a retained earnings account balance on January 1, 2007 of $120,000. During 2007 the firm had net income of $72,000 and paid a $36,000 cash dividend. What is the December 31, 2007 retained earnings balance?
(Points: 2)

A company sold $100,000 of common stock at par value. This transaction should be entered into the accounting system as

        Equity      Assets
(Points: 2)
           Yes           Yes
           Yes           No
           No            Yes
           No            No

Debentures have which one of the following characteristics?
(Points: 2)
        they have no specific due date on which they must be repaid
        they are more like common stock than like debt
        they have no specific collateral backing them up
        they are issued by very small firms in an industry

Renoir Enterprises called 400 of its $1,000 face value bonds that had been outstanding for 7 years of the scheduled 30-year life. The bonds were recorded on the books, when called, at $400,000 and had a market value of $417,500. The company paid $1,020 for each called bond. What amount of gain or loss should the company report from this transaction?
(Points: 2)
        $18,500 loss
        $8,000 loss
        $17,500 loss
        $9,500 gain

Upbeat Music Stores issued $500,000 face value of zero coupon bonds having a life of 10 years. (Zero coupon bonds pay zero percent interest.) If the market rate of interest is 8 percent, at what price did these bonds sell?
(Points: 2)

Stacey Company has the following account balances in its stockholders' equity:

Preferred Stock $8,000
Common Stock 10,000
Paid-in Capital in excess of par value 16,000
Retained earnings 25,000

What is the amount of the company's contributed capital?
(Points: 2)

When the market rate for a bond is higher than the stated (or coupon) rate, the bond
(Points: 2)
        will sell at a premium
        will sell at par
        will sell at a discount
        cannot be sold until the market and stated rates are equal

When a firm leases a resource for most of its useful life and controls the resource as though it had been purchased, the lease is treated as an operating lease.
(Points: 2)

Which of the following situations is NOT consistent with the circumstances of a capital lease?
(Points: 2)
        a company is using a resource for most of its useful life
        a company controls the resource as if it had been purchased
        a company records a liability equal to the present value of the lease payments
        a company records a rental expense every time a lease payment is made

The issue price of bonds is equal to
(Points: 2)
        the present value of the principal
        the present value of the interest
        the present value of the principal minus the present value of the interest
        the present value of the principal plus the present value of the interest
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