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1. Which of the following codes would be used to report the

Resolved Question:

1. Which of the following codes would be used to report the repair
of one superficial 1-cm laceration, one superficial 3-cm laceration,
and one superficial 2-cm laceration, all to the cheek?
A. 12001 × 3 C. 12002
B. 12011 × 3 D. 12014
2. Where are the metacarpal bones located?
A. In the wrist C. In the foot
B. In the palm D. In the skull

3. Degenerative arthritis is classified in ICD-9-CM category
A. 712. C. 714.
B. 713. D. 715.

4. What is the ICD-9-CM procedural code for spinal nerve decompression by destruction of
intervertebral disc via enzyme injection?
A. 77.7 C. 80.52
B. 78.02 D. 81.1

5. What is the first consideration for selecting a burn injury code?
A. Degree of burn C. Presence of infection
B. Anatomical site D. Type of burn

6. Which of the following ICD-9-CM categories would be used to code fractures of
the vertebrae?
A. 809 C. 807
B. 808 D. 806

7. Which of the following ICD-9-CM procedural codes is used to report the closed reduction
and internal fixation of a fracture dislocation of the surgical neck of the humerus?
A. 81.52 C. 79.27
B. 78.03 D. 79.11

8. Which of the following procedures is abbreviated as either ECG or EKG?
A. Echocardiogram C. Electrophysiology
B. Echocardiography D. Electrocardiogram

9. Which of the following OB/GYN subspecialties specializes in the use of a hysteroscopy?
A. Reproductive endocrinology
B. Gynecologic endoscopy
C. Gynecologic oncology
D. Perinatology

10. The CPT code for percutaneous transluminal pulmonary artery balloon angioplasty for a
single vessel is
A. 92996. C. 92998.
B. 92997. D. 92999
. 11. ICD-9-CM codes for placental anomalies, such as placenta accreta or placenta previa, are
listed under category
A. 639. C. 641.
B. 640. D. 642.

12. Identify the appropriate four-digit ICD-9-CM code for severe primary pulmonary hypertension.
A. 443.89 C. 416.0
B. 440.1 D. 411.81

13. A spontaneous abortion is an abortion that occurs
A. before the twentieth week of gestation without apparent cause.
B. for the safeguard of the mother’s mental or physical health.
C. because of an infection of the products of conception and in the endometrail lining of
the uterus.
D. when parts of the products of conception are retained in the uterus.

14. What is the V-code for postsurgical PTCA status?
A. V45.81 C. V45.83
B. V45.82 D. V45.84

15. What is the ICD-9-CM code for tubal ectopic pregnancy?
A. 633.10 C. 613.1
B. 623.1 D. 603.1

16. Procedures performed within the cardiology subspecialty of internal medicine are typically
either _______ or intravascular.
A. percutaneous C. epidermal
B. subcutaneous D. surgical

17. Which of the following CPT codes is used to report Doppler echocardiography color-flow
velocity mapping in addition to the code for electrocardiography?
A. 93307 C. 93327
B. 93305 D. 93325

18. Identify the appropriate four-digit ICD-9-CM code for congestive heart failure, unspecified.
A. 402.8 C. 482.9
B. 408.2 D. 428.0
19. In which of the following procedures might a catheter be placed in the heart preoperatively
to monitor hemodynamic status?
A. Right-heart catheterization
B. Pericardiocentesis
C. Transesophageal echocardiography
D. Swann-Ganz placement

20. Which of the following structures is included in the internal organs of the female
reproductive system?
A. Mons pubis C. Labia majora
B. Fallopian tubes D. Labia minora

21. In which section of the CPT manual would you look for the appropriate code to describe
cardiac magnetic resonance imaging?
A. Radiology C. Evaluation and Management
B. General Surgery D. Medicine

22. Which of the following CPT codes would be used for intracervical artificial insemination?
A. 58321 C. 58974
B. 58970 D. 58726

23. The term AICD stands for
A. arterial implantation catheter device.
B. automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.
C. autogenic intervascular collapse and destruction.
D. arthro-invasive cardiac deployment.

24. Identify the appropriate CPT code for combined right-heart catheterization and retrograde
left-heart catheterization.
A. 93526 C. 93526-51
B. 93526-27 D. 92526-RLT

25. Which of the following codes is used to report emergency OB/GYN office services?
A. 99000 C. 99025
B. 99024 D. 99058

26. An echocardiography performed with an endoscopic probe introduced either nasally or by
swallowing is called a/an
27. Anemia, gestational diabetes, and _______ are common complications of pregnancy.
A. hydramnios C. toxemia
B. encephalitis D. sepsis

28. During an initial cardiology visit, the patient has no previous cardiac history but has a
blood pressure of 200/95.You should code this as
A. hypertension, transient. C. elevated blood pressure.
B. hypertension, controlled. D. hypertension, uncontrolled.

. Which of the following code groups would be used to report a successful vaginal birth
after previous Cesarean delivery?
A. 59610–59614 C. 59400–59410
B. 59050–59051 D. 59040–59041

30. Which of the following terms is used to describe a history of three viable offspring?
A. Nullipara C. Tripara
B. Primapara D. Primagravida

31. Identify the appropriate code for laparoscopic lysis of adhesions.
A. 49000 C. 78040
B. 99078 D. 58660

32. An extensive biopsy of vaginal mucosa that requires sutures would be coded to
A. 57105. C. 88158.
B. 88141. D. 57100.
33. Identify the appropriate separate code for the tubal ligation performed at the same time
as a Caesarean section.
A. 59840 C. 58611
B. 59841 D. 58610

34. Which of the following procedures is commonly performed to determine the cause of
dysfunctional uterine bleeding?
A. Cervical capping C. Cervical C/S
B. Oviduct transection D. Endometrial biopsy

35. Which of the following ICD-9-CM code groups is used to report the infant status after
delivery of a birth event?
A. V26.0–V26.9 C. V28.0–V28.9
B. V27.0–V.27.9 D. V29.0–V.29.9
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