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EXAMINATION NUMBER 40977100 1. If a minor seeks medical

Resolved Question:


1. If a minor seeks medical treatment, the physician will not need
parental permission if
A. the minor can afford to pay for the treatment.
B. the minor tells the physician that the parent will consent.
C. there’s a medical emergency such that the doctor should
not delay treatment in order to seek permission.
D. the treatment doesn’t involve surgery.
2. Medical malpractice generally is likely to involve which area of
A. Torts C. Crimes
B. Contracts D. Breach of warranty
3. If the basis of a claim is that the defendant’s carelessness caused injury, what type of tort
most likely is involved?
A. Strict liability C. Negligence
B. Intentional D. Fraud
4. If a doctor treats a child who appears to have been abused, which of the following legal or
ethical obligations should determine what the doctor does?
A. Patient-doctor privilege
B. Duty to report
C. It depends upon the wishes of the patient.
D. It depends upon whether the parents are patients, also.
5. If you learn that Doctor Jones filed an “incident report,” which of the following is most likely
the case?
A. There has been a case of child abuse.
B. There has been an instance of health care fraud.
C. A patient has shown symptoms of domestic violence victimization.
D. A patient is unhappy with something the doctor did or failed to do.
6. Why might repeatedly forgiving copayments constitute fraud on the insurance company?
A. Because the doctor is in effect misstating the true fee, resulting in overpayment
B. Because patients are legally obligated to pay the copayment
C. Because it shows up as a false tax deduction on the doctor’s income tax return
D. Because it defrauds the patient who has the contract with the insurance company
7. If a case involves a Fourth Amendment issue, which of the following most likely is an issue
in the case?
A. Right to counsel C. Fraud
B. Doctor-patient privilege D. A search or seizure
8. Which of the following most likely would violate the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act?
A. Disclosure of medical information to persons not entitled to it
B. Insurance company’s failure to pay a legitimate claim
C. Disclosure of child abuse
D. Doctor’s abandonment of an insured patient
9. What legal concept explains why a receptionist can make contracts with a patient that are
binding on a doctor?
A. Consideration C. Specific performance
B. Agency D. Mutual assent
10. If the doctor has warranted that the surgery will produce a particular result, which of the
following is most likely true?
A. There’s an implied contract with the patient.
B. There’s an express contract with the patient.
C. The surgery is cosmetic.
D. The surgery is medically necessary.
11. When a minor _______, the issue of necessity may be questioned.
A. breaks his or her leg
B. seeks plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons
C. has a damaged kidney removed
D. is treated for oxygen deprivation after a diving accident
12. Doctor Jones legally sterilizes a minor. Which of the following necessarily must
have happened?
A. The minor consented. C. A court ordered it.
B. The parents consented. D. The child was a rape victim.
13. Bob Smith is charged with a crime. The maximum penalty is 90 days in jail. This crime
must be a
A. traffic offense. C. misdemeanor.
B. felony. D. common law crime.
14. For domestic violence to occur, which of the following is necessary?
A. Injury C. Physical contact
B. Brutality D. Violence or the threat of violence
15. For battery to occur, which of the following is an essential element?
A. Serious injury C. Nonconsensual touching
B. Consent D. Threat of harm
16. A nurse humiliates a patient in a crowded waiting room, using racial slurs and vulgar
language. What tort may have occurred?
A. Intentional infliction of emotional distress C. Negligence
B. Invasion of privacy D. Fraud
17. If someone is convicted of a felony, which of the following is most likely true?
A. The crime involved assault.
B. The crime involved negligence.
C. The potential penalty will be less than 12 months in jail or a fine.
D. The potential penalty will be death or incarceration in the state penitentiary
18. Granny, an elderly person, is cared for by her sister, Ethel. Ethel is becoming senile and
sometimes forgets to give Granny her medication and to feed her. What type of elder
abuse has occurred here?
A. Passive neglect C. Financial abuse
B. Active neglect D. Psychological abuse
19. If delivery of a health care service is delegated to a paraprofessional, which of the following
might be an unintended consequence?
A. The charge to the patient will be less.
B. Medicare may not pay for the service.
C. It may result in double billing.
D. The charge to the patient will be more.
20. Which of the following most pertains to general health information confidentiality?
A. Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
B. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
C. Statute of frauds
D. Statute of limitations
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Expert:  viki replied 7 years ago.

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