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How would explain the basic structure and functions of neurons

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How would explain the basic structure and functions of neurons and synapses in the brain to your little brother or sister?
I would like to answer this question for you but it appears you have not paid people in the past, was there a complication?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If you take a closer look you will see I have paid those that "helped" me. those that did not get paid offered help way to late. One particular incident was a question in regards XXXXX XXXXX kitten and unfortunately it passed away and the individual I asked a question to did not respond in a timely manner, which I based my decision not pay on.

No problem sir, I just needed to ask because there are some people on here who ask questions and do not pay...

I will answer your question today.
I would explain the structure and function synapses in the brain to my little brother or sister in quite an easy way. The synapse is the part where two neurons connect. And neurons are the "active" main little cells in your brain, that basically make things happen. There are 15-35 billion neurons in your brain. The synapses is the point where that "action" and communication is done.

So that's it in a nut shell, and that's how I would simplify my answer to a younger person...

I hope you are very pleased with my response and I would appreciate any positive feedback or bonus you might feel I deserve. Have a really great day!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hello...I got your answer but unfortunatly it does not answer my question in a kid friendly analogy. Assume that the little brother/sister wants to know what a synapse is or a neuron? I need an answer that puts your answer in an analogy that a child could understand. Please help me. Possibly you can come up with some kind of comparison of a sort that a child could relate more, an email from one computer to the next.

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