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due 8/1 Linear Programming Case URGENT

Customer Question

Linear Programming Case

Planning an Advertising Campaign

The Flamingo Grill is an upscale restaurant located in St. Petersburg, Florida. They have asked you to help them plan their advertising campaign for the coming season. They requested your recommendation concerning how the advertising budget should be distributed across television, radio, and newspaper advertisements. The budget has been set at $300,000.

In a meeting with Flamingo management you are provided the following information about the industry exposure effectiveness rating per ad, their estimate of the number of potential new customers reached per ad, and the cost for each ad.

Advertising Media

Exposure Rating per Ad

New Customers per Ad

Cost per Ad














Flamingo management team indicated maximizing the total exposure rating, across all media, as the objective function of the advertising campaign. Because of management's concern with attracting new customers, management stated that the advertising campaign must reach at least 100,000 new customers. To balance the advertising campaign and make use of all media, Flamingo's management team also provided the following guidelines.

  • Use at least as twice as many radio advertisements as television advertisements.
  • Use no more than 20 television advertisements.
  • The television budget must be at least $140,000.
  • The radio advertising budget is restricted to a maximum of $100,000.
  • The newspaper budget is to be at least $30,000.


You have agreed to work with these guidelines and provide a recommendation as how the $300,000 advertising budget should be allocated among TV, Radio, and newspaper advertising.

Part A

Develop a model that can be used to determine the advertising budget allocation for Flamingo Grill. Include a discussion of the following in your report.

  • 1- A schedule showing the recommended number of TV, Radio, and Newspaper advertisements and the budget allocation for each media. Find total exposure and indicate the total number of potential new customers reached.
  • 2- How would the above recommendation change if an additional $50,000 were added to the advertising budget.


  • 3- How the advertising campaign schedule change if the objective function of the advertising campaign is to maximize the number of new customers reached. Show the new ad campaign with number and budget for each media as in part (1).


Part B

A media marketing research indicates that the data concerning exposure and customer reach were only applicable to the first few ads in each media. For television, the exposure rating of 90 and the new customer reached per ad were reliable for the first 10 TV ads. After 10 TV ads, the benefit is expected to decline. It is estimated that after 10 TV ads, the exposure rating declines to 55 and new customers reached is reduced to 2500. For radio ads beyond 15, the exposure rating declines to 20 and new customers reached declines to 1000 per ad. Similarly, for newspaper ads above 20, the exposure rating declines to 5 and new customers reached declines to 700.


Develop a new model under above conditions and prepare a report similar to part A.


Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  R.R. Jha replied 8 years ago.
Would the solution without graphical representation be okay with you ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hi i need to get it tonight can you? yeno graphs needed
Expert:  R.R. Jha replied 8 years ago.
Our standard times are different. How much hours are left before the night ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
this case need tobe solved by excell solver okey?
Expert:  R.R. Jha replied 8 years ago.
First one can definitely be. I'll have to think for second one. May be solver or graphically.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hmm, ok actually i can do it by myself but i have an headache :) thanks for your help..we have 6 hours left can we do it?
Expert:  R.R. Jha replied 8 years ago.
If completed, I'll try to reply no later than 6 hours.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

hmm have you ever tried that kind questions before? if you can not do it I am not going to have any other chance to finish it let say you have 4 hours ok?

Expert:  R.R. Jha replied 8 years ago.
Sure I've.
It's not even half an hour question if you are not manually solving it. What I meant to say that I'd try my best to reply within your deadline. But if you wish and are confident of solving it yourself for your own good as you say, I may opt out so that you close the question.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok lets start
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I mean I need your help to finish it.. ok?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
did you start? or not?
Expert:  R.R. Jha replied 8 years ago.
I've decided to opt out. May be some other expert would be able help you.
Expert:  muvee replied 8 years ago.
I can do the PART A, do you need it?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

not enough thank you

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